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Item #: SCP-570

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-570 is to be contained within a reinforced synthetic diamond case, 6 cm thick and layered with various motion and stress detection equipment. No fewer than four (4) armed guards are to be stationed around the containment area, each member of this security detail being swapped out bi-weekly and thoroughly examined. All Class D personnel involved with SCP-570 are to be terminated before exiting containment.

Description: SCP-570 appears to be two fingerless cotton gloves of unremarkable composition, with the exception of a complete lack of wear due to use. Regardless of the size of one’s hands, the gloves will fit “snugly”, and are reportedly very comfortable. When worn by a human host, the hands will undergo a short but painful sensation, after which the gloves can no longer be removed by any means that will not result in the death of the host. Attempts to remove the gloves are most often met with extreme aggression, even from hosts with no disposition towards violent behavior.

When worn, SCP-570 will release millions of microscopic barbed tubes into the host’s skin, which make initial release impossible. During a period of 24 hours after initial exposure to SCP-570, these tubes will migrate throughout the body, eventually establishing contiguous connections to 93% of the host’s muscle mass. Once this is complete, the host becomes aware of SCP-570’s functionality, and will attempt to use it immediately.

SCP-570 is capable of attaining and maintaining control over the actions of any living organism it can connect to, by means of many small “strings” which are produced from the bare fingers of the host. These threads are not the same material as the gloves themselves; instead, they contain DNA and match the composition of the host’s muscle tendons. When these strings make contact with a living creature, SCP-570 will move as a puppeteer’s hands might, with the victim’s movement following as would be expected. The strings themselves are incredibly small and impossible to detect with the naked eye, but are capable of being broken with enough effort.

These strings are capable of controlling multiple victims, with the high-end of recorded “puppets” reaching up to 100 simultaneous connections. Despite this, only one action can be performed by the mass at once, as SCP-570 is incapable of issuing individual instructions. Additionally, every connection must eventually be broken and the muscle mass removed is lost. Overuse of SCP-570 will eventually lead to complete atrophy and death, as it will eventually consume the user’s heart. Because the host will refuse to eat, this fate is inevitable, and seems to be part of SCP-570’s natural cycle. Once the previous host has died, SCP-570 will become inactive until worn again.

A victim released from SCP-570’s control will suffer no immediate side effects after being liberated, with the exception of a strong sense of longing. Despite this, many victims will eventually try to take possession of SCP-570, and the cases in which they succeeded have led to strict termination protocol involving contact with SCP-570. Research has been limited to study of the fibrous material that SCP-570 uses to control its victims. Current understanding shows that each string acts as an incredibly complex nervous system, linking up to the gloves themselves like an extension of the host’s spinal cord.

Removal of the gloves is obviously impossible after the initial stages, and even rapid removal after initial exposure will result in the extreme disfigurement of the host’s hands. Once the tubes have migrated, termination of the host is no longer an option, as the tubes make the subject preternaturally resilient. Successful termination is possible, but will lead to SCP-570 removing itself from the host forcefully and [DATA EXPUNGED]. The first and only time this has occurred led to the death or extreme injury of thirty-four (34) Foundation personnel.

Addendum: Research into SCP-570’s strings has been under development involving practical applications. Using the material to create an uplink between several computers has shown that the data-transmission capability of the material is far beyond any technology currently in existence. Mobile Task Force Chi-7 has been equipped with a squad communication device utilizing SCP-570’s byproduct, and early field tests have shown the technology effective in improving communication and organization, with a 57% improvement in efficiency. Further results pending.

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