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Item #: SCP-571

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A single piece of paper containing an instance of SCP-571 should be kept inside an opaque, sealed container of any kind, at the center of any high security containment room. Only one instance of SCP-571 should exist at any time, except during tests. Should the paper containing SCP-571 be destroyed, another copy may be printed from the encrypted backup file.

There are to be no windows in SCP-571's containment chamber. All viewing and recording devices are to record INFRARED ONLY. Two level 2 guards should be stationed outside of SCP-571's chamber at all times, and are to wear infrared goggles during shifts. Any persons attempting to leave the containment room should be terminated immediately.

In the case of a suspected outbreak of SCP-571 outside of its testing/containment chamber, the entire compound is to be incinerated to prevent SCP-571 from escaping into the wild.

Description: SCP-571 is a seemingly random pattern of lines and scribbles; this was determined by cutting an image of 571 into sections and rearranging them, thus disabling the effect and allowing SCP-571 to be viewed.

When any human looks at SCP-571 for any amount of time, they will immediately search for a piece of paper or other suitable stationery. The exposed human will then begin to copy SCP-571 onto the new paper, with any available drawing implement. Once 571 has been copied, the affected person will look for other humans, and coax them to look at the copied pattern. These new victims will immediately attempt to copy the pattern, thus continuing the process. Attempts to talk to or reason with infected persons are met with failure. Carriers of SCP-571 will only talk or interact with others for the purpose of causing them to look at SCP-571.

SCP-571 will spread quickly through a group of humans, eventually infecting all nearby persons. At the point when none of the carriers can find another person to infect, all of the carriers will simultaneously die. How this is facilitated is currently unknown.

Addendum 1:

SCP-571 has been reclassified as Keter following the events of Incident X571-A.

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