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Digital photograph of SCP-574 e-mailed to Agent █████. Image was turned over to her superiors in accordance with containment procedure.

Item #: SCP-574

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Subject currently resides in Site-17. As the subject displays no extraordinary physical ability & has expressed a continued interest in helping with apprehension of other SCPs the probability of escape is negligible. SCP-574 is to be provided with a three room cell furnished with whatever SCP-574 requests. The requests of SCP-574 are authorized to conditionally violate normal SCP procedures as per orders of O5-█ using the following rules instead.

  • At no time is SCP-574 permitted knowledge of any SCP currently secured at any other installation without express permission of Level 4 personnel.
  • No person previously exposed to a memetic or thought-based SCP may be exposed to SCP-574.
  • No person previously exposed to SCP-574 may be exposed to a memetic or thought-based SCP.
  • SCP-574 is allowed to freely wander the facility, but is not allowed contact with any psychically active SCP for security reasons (see restrictions above).
  • For security reasons, at no time should SCP-574 be intentionally given knowledge of the location of any other Foundation installation. If this information is gained accidentally no special action need be taken.
  • SCP-574 is expressly permitted to exit the facility for one (1) hour per day.
  • SCP-574 is not to be given access to any computer equipped with any form of external internet connection, though access to the Site-17 local network is permitted under supervision.
  • One (1) room of SCP-574's cell is to be free of any form of monitoring equipment under the condition that that room is checked twice (2) daily by security personnel to ensure the room contains only: one (1) bedframe; one (1) mattress; one (1) mattress pad; two (2) sheets; one (1) blanket; no more than three (up to 3) pillows which may also be orthopedic in nature.
  • One (1) room of SCP-574's cell is to be free of any form of monitoring equipment under the condition that that room is checked twice (2) daily by security personnel to ensure the room contains only: one (1) complete commode; one (1) sink; one (1) tub/shower combination; any functional plumbing needed to maintain the operation of those devices; and one (1) large towel (changed each time the room is checked or at request of the subject). Note that, by agreement of SCP-574, any toiletries will be kept outside the door of the bathroom so that they may be freely checked by security & research personnel.
  • SCP-574 is allowed to carry the following items without challenge by security personnel: one (1) black pen; two (2) blue pens; one (1) radio of a type considered standard issue for security personnel at Site-17; one (1) bowie style knife; one (1) knife sheaf; one (1) Colt model 1911 .45 pistol; three (3) full magazines for a Colt model 1911 .45 pistol; ammunition for a Cold model 1911 .45 pistol; one (1) shoulder holster.
  • If approved by O5-█ SCP-574 is allowed a 24 hour visitation once per week by a female as proposed through proper Foundation channels with the assistance of Dr. ██████; during the visitation all monitoring equipment must be disabled & the two must be left alone for for the duration of the visit or until SCP-574 requests otherwise. By request of O5-█ other SCPs are not to be requested to be the ones to make these visits.
  • If requested and then approved by O5-█ at least one week in advance, SCP-574 is permitted to leave the facility. During this period SCP-574 is to be tracked using a satellite tracking device secured around their ankle. The subject has been informed that if the device is removed they will be killed. In all other ways the subject is to be restricted in a manner similar to an agent with Security Clearance level 2.

Description: SCP-574 is a male confirmed by records to be of mixed Norwegian and Polynesian decent aged twenty-four (24) years. Subject claims this information is correct but given subject's history of identity theft this cannot be confirmed. Subject is of moderate physical build. Pigmentation is Caucasian, having blue eyes and brown hair. Physical examination has found no abnormalities. On an IQ test SCP-574 scored 102, well within norm for a member of the civilian population of ███████ (which he claims to be a national of).

SCP-574 has two abnormalities that he has agreed to make available to the Foundation whenever requested.

  1. SCP-574 demonstrates the ability to intuit all information that has ever been recorded in regards to a person he has seen. This information is confirmed not to be guaranteed to be true, only to have been recorded somewhere. If multiple instances of contradictory information is present subject knows both pieces of information but is unable to distinguish if one is more true than the other.
  2. SCP-574 demonstrates the ability to will himself into the presence of any deceased person he has met. Upon using this ability the deceased's remains seem to have healed and reanimated but in actually have not. The appearance of the deceased is not present under electronic surveillance, instead the subject's own appearance is present. This seems to be some kind of memetic effect generated by SCP-574. The subject's appearance reappears the next time he is unconscious, such as when sleeping or subject to a tranquilizer. No methods that leave SCP-574 conscious have proven effective in containing SCP-574 when he uses this ability. SCP-574 has stated he will not use this ability unless he must do so to save his own life. Several class-D personnel have been provided to permit escape to various locations under our secure control.

Addendum 574-1: Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see Interview Log #547-1 (attached document #574-1) for an initial interview with SCP-574.

Addendum 574-2: Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see document #574-2 regarding the acquisition of SCP-574 by Agent █████.

Addendum 574-3: Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see Experiment Log 574 (attached document #547-3) regarding research into the abilities of SCP-574.

Addendum 574-4: Those with Level 4 Security Clearance should see document #574-4 regarding O5-█'s decision not to terminate SCP-574 and future plans.

Interview Log #574-1

Document #574-2: Interview Log #574-1

Interviewed: Civilian witness claiming to be ███ █. █████████.

Interviewer: Agent ████████

Foreword: Interview with civilian claiming to have been the one to make contact with Agent █████ on ██/█/20██. Civilian's picture is present in the personal effects of Agent █████.

<Begin Log, ██:██:██ on ██/█/20██>

Agent ████████: What's your name?

Civilian: ███ █████████. Do you want my middle name? I have ID papers here, sir. They confirm who I am.

Agent ████████: Please keep your hands where I can see them, someone else'll check your documentation. Go ahead & give me your middle name.

Civilian: ██████.

<five second pause, writing can be heard>

Agent ████████: Do you recognize this picture?

Civilian: Yeah, that's the picture I e-mailed Miss █████.

Agent ████████: You e-mailed?

Civilian: Yeah, I don't want to go to jail, sir. I'd have to explain how I got back out an' I'd just be on the run, you know? I saw her and thought she'd help me contribute, sir.

Agent ████████: Help you how?

Civilian: I can do stuff that I think will help, sir.

Agent ████████: Can you be more specific?

Civilian: I know things about people when I look at them. I don't know how, I just know things that they've written down, sir.

Agent ████████: Stuff like what?

Civilian: Your organization isn't a government one, if there was I'd know budget info about you, but you, you guys seem to know weird stuff, like you know about that Euclid class [DATA EXPUNGED] <Agent ████████ interrupts>

Agent ████████: Wait. <three second pause> How many Euclid class items do you know about, exactly?

Civilian: Well, Miss █████ knew about [DATA EXPUNGED] of them, and you know about [DATA EXPUNGED]. The gentlemen speaking to the ████ ██████ ███ ███████ knows about [DATA EXPUNGED]. The rest of these goons don't seem to know much of anything.

Agent ████████: How do you know about all of this?

Civilian: I look at you and I can remember reading your reports, but I don't remember ever actually reading them, sir.

<eleven second pause, writing can be heard>

Civilian: You're sweating a lot. You could get some ice water from up at the counter. I don't mind waiting.

Agent ████████: Just a moment, please don't move.

<eighteen second pause, writing can be heard>

Agent ████████: What do you intend to do with this information?

Civilian: Nothing. I just noticed I could do this stuff and when I saw the lovely Miss █████ I knew I could help out.

Agent ████████: How did you know?

Civilian: Like I said, I remembered her reports like I'd read them, only I don't remember reading them. You don't need to have these guys point guns at me, I want to go with you, sir.

<five second pause>

Agent ████████: Do you know what I'm writing down right now?

Civilian: [DATA EXPUNGED].

Agent ████████: That's correct. Was I right about you having a military background?

Civilian: Yes you were, sir.

Agent ████████: Which branch of service?

Civilian: Navy, sir.

Agent ████████: Alright. If you want to help out let me give you a sedative. Just relax and count backwards from twenty. When you wake up you'll be somewhere where we'll ask you a few more questions and then maybe you can help us.

Civilian: If you want me to, sir.

<End Log>

Note: This sounds too easy. This has got to be something that's trying to destroy the organization or an agent sent in from another group. I'm going to withhold my verdict pending further study. - General ████████

Document #574-2: Investigation into the apprehension of SCP-574

On ██/█/20██ SCP-574 approached Agent █████ at her home via an unsecured civilian electronic messenger program. SCP-574 successfully communicated to our Agent that SCP-574 had become aware of the Foundation. Agent denied existence of Foundation in accordance with proper procedures. SCP-574 then informed Agent █████ that SCP-574 was in possession of "an item your organization wants" and e-mailed her a picture of himself. Subject informed Agent █████ that "the item" would be at ████ █████████ ██ (a ██████ ███ near her home) from ██:██ that day until ██:██ and that he hoped she would meet with him to negotiate surrender of the item. Agent █████ did not agree but contacted Foundation personnel. A security detail was dispatched to acquire both the subject and Agent █████. An investigation was conducted into possible breeches of security during the incident. None occurred. Agent █████ is free to return to active duty.

Document #574-3: Experiment Log 574

See Experiment Log 574.

Note: Local authorities were after him for identity theft when we he found out about us. Seems to be a normal guy that developed memetic powers and got himself into some trouble with them. He saw Agent █████ at a grocery near her home and his abilities let him find out about us. He doesn't seem to want to leave, doesn't want to go back to his old life, and has been helpful with my experiments at every opportunity. Consider this my recommendation that he not be terminated when I'm done with him. He wants to sign up as an agent. Please let him. He isn't dangerous and could be a valuable resource. - Dr. ██████

Document #574-4: Decision not to terminate SCP-574

O5-█ has made the following determination in cooperation with other Overseers: SCP-574 is to be researched by Dr. ██████ until study 574 is complete. Once the current study has been completed SCP-574 is to be put through standard induction and training for agents assigned to investigation and retrieval teams. SCP-574 is then to be assigned to a Task Force chosen directly by the Overseers.

Note: This guy is far too valuable for us to just kill him. His abilities are straightforward & harmless. He doesn't seem to be developing any new capability & shows no signs of mental instability. He volunteered for service ████ ████ █ ███. Let's treat him like an agent & put him in the field. He could prove valuable. I see no reason not to make a willing & capable agent out of him. Worst case scenario he turns out to be an agent for the ████████ & runs off with some ███████ religious artifact we wouldn't have had access to without him anyway. We'll consider teaming him up with SCP-026 to see if they can work some magic together. - O5-█

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