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Item #: SCP-576

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-576 must be kept clear of human presence. Surveillance booths are built into the walls of the tunnel from both approaches, and personnel must be present in the aboveground facilities to keep urban explorers or transient people out. At no time while trains are running can people be present on or near the platforms, which must be kept devoid of lighting.

Description: SCP-576 is a now disaffected underground station on the ███████ line of the ███████████ subway system. It has one platform 70m long on each side of the track, which allows for up to three trains (one on each side and a through train) in at the same time. The platforms are connected via stairs to a concourse where the entrance turnstiles are located. Direct view on the track is not possible from the concourse, though from it one can see platform #1 (toward █████████). From it there are three accesses located on ██████████ ██████ and ████████████ █████████. Both access on ████████████ █████████ have been walled. The ██████████ ██████ access is the largest and the location of monitoring facilities; it is disguised as a small office building. That office and the underground monitoring facilities form Site-██

When the station is "active", a number of spacio-temporal anomalies occur on trains traveling to or from it:

  • Some trains appear to reach the following station without ever reporting seeing SCP-576.
  • SCP-576 is visited multiple times one after the other.
  • The train appears to enter SCP-576 on the wrong track (which may mean it is in fact going in the wrong direction, or against the traffic) or in reverse, but still reaches the next station normally.
  • SCP-576 takes too much or not enough time to be reached.
  • Order of wagons is altered upon entering SCP-576

For the station to be considered "active", several conditions must be met: the platform must be lit, there must be people (at least one person) waiting to take or see the train on the platform, and there must be a sentient passenger on the train. Although the station had an anomalously high level of petty criminality and disappearances, no factors have been found to link these abilities to crime levels.

Anomalies began occurring shortly after the opening of the line in 19██, and rapidly enlarged in scope with the number of passengers using it. The Foundation moved in three months later and the station was barricaded under the pretext of structural and security concerns.

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