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Item #: SCP-577

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-577 is contained in the converted 5th Documents block in the decommissioned paper archives. SCP-577 is classified as Open/Restricted and as such is one of three items in our wing of the facility not requiring express dispensation from a Level 2 staff member to view. The qualification for viewing SCP-577 is an aggregate intelligence score of no higher than 130 on the Roth-Mendelsonn exam which staff are required to submit to upon acceptance to the facility (WARNING: Staff hired prior to the Roth-Mendelsonn exam's 19██ rewrite are not permitted without a retest and a full psychological investigation.) Staff who meet SCP-577's examination qualifications are freely able to compile notes on SCP-577's contents for viewing in external Reading Room adjacent to SCP-577's containment block. Staff leaving the Reading Room must present all materials on their person and submit to a full body examination to ensure that notes on SCP-577 are not transmitted to unauthorized personnel.

Description: SCP-577 is a collection of seven sheets of printer paper for the Lexmark X1150 (now discontinued) in use in the 5th Documents block at the time of discovery. SCP-577 contains notes in plain English and is signed and dated twice: on Page 1, 04-17-19██, and the same day and month on Page 7, 04-17-20██ by Dr. ██████████ █████. Note that the Page 1 date is six months prior to the facility's having contracted Dr. █████, despite it referencing material specific to the 5th Documents block. The date Page 7 is signed has not yet occurred: radiometric dating on carbon samples from the pencil used to sign and date the page proved inconclusive. An investigation, polygraph and psychic examination of Dr. █████ indicated that he had no knowledge of the material contained in SCP-577 prior to his discovery of it. This fact along with the spatiotemporal anomalies manifested during Dr. █████'s initial viewing of SCP-577 indicate a trans-temporal origin for SCP-577.

Additional Notes: Rationale behind viewing restrictions follows; measured exposure to portions of the information contained on SCP-577 manifests no spatiotemporal anomalies in staff under the Roth-Mendelsonn threshold. Testing indicates that an aggregate intelligence at or under this level is insufficient to comprehend the information contained in SCP-577 and that the spatiotemporal anomalies manifested by other readers is linked to comprehension of the information. Spatiotemporal anomalies generated by comprehension of SCP-577's material are of extreme risk: personnel exhibiting anomalies are to be rendered unconscious and targeted nanostructure infusions used to identify and destroy the neuron clusters containing memories of SCP-577.

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