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Item #: SCP-581

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-581-1 is to be kept in Containment Lockbox No. ██, away from all human contact until is needed. Doctors [DATA EXPUNGED] will have one key each in order to prevent an unauthorized opening of the Lockbox.

SCP-581-2 will be kept away from SCP-581-1 at all times. It now remains at ██████████, where [DATA EXPUNGED]. Under O5-██'s approval, SCP-581-2 was destroyed, with its contents replicated into a text file properly archived in Server ████ at [DATA EXPUNGED].

Description: SCP-581 was found alongside with SCP-581-2 in an abandoned school at ████████, Russia, in a room labeled 'Class 3-█'; retrieval was difficult since accidental triggering caused Incident #581.1 (Documented in Addendum).

SCP-581-1 is a world map printed in an 80cm x 30cm laminated paper, with political and physical divisions. Information such as scale, timezones, and codes can be found in different charts at the bottom of the print.

SCP-581-2 is a standard white A4 page with no properties per se. Item's properties can be fully unleashed by speaking loudly the phrase written in SCP-581-2:

Для активации этого инструмента Бога, следующее должно быть сказано:
"Я, силою великой Один, активировать свой священный инструмент этой клятве
я, в соответствии с обещанием, используя ее только для блага".

Although translators have indicated that the text has been written in very broken Russian, they have successfully translated into:


Which appears to have the same effect that if said in the original Russian. Further testing with other languages are pending.

After SCP-581-1's activation, all contact in the map will take effect in the real world through means that are unknown. Although the actual item which was used to "touch" SCP-581-1 will not appear as an actual, tangible object, the damage generated in SCP-581-1 will occur in the Earth with proportional effects. The property of SCP-581-1 will last approximately 60 seconds since the contents of SCP-581-2 were recited.


Incident #581.1: Apparently, when we first discovered the object that was later going to be called SCP-581-1, a member of the Mobile Task Force that was in charge of the object retrieval accidentally recited the contents of SCP-581-2, unleashing the power of 581-1. According to eyewitnesses, a piece of rubble coming from the ceiling of the decaying school fell onto SCP-581-1. We only later discovered what did after reports of an unprecedented earthquake sequence in the ███████ region of Canada. Fortunately, the sparse population in the area has minimized damage.

Addendum #581.1: After analysis, it has been proven that SCP-581-2 has no particular properties by itself nor properties that can be linked to SCP-581-1, and has been marked for destruction due to security purposes. I request that the contents of SCP-581-2 are rather memorized by a handful of loyal personnel, or either transcribe the content into a heavily-encrypted text file. -Doctor █████

Addendum #581.2: Further analysis of the state of SCP-581, a hint of radiation was detected in Ukraine, with inability to pinpoint it into a city due to scale and the counter's resolution. This leads to two hypotheses: Either a drop of radioactive whatever fell into it by accident or this thing is reflecting the aftermath of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident. -Doctor Nizbit

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