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SCP-582 while in a docile, quiet state within its enclosure

Item #: SCP-582

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-582 is to be contained in a 150L (40gal) aquarium tank constructed of soundproof glass. The habitat should contain a substrate of seven and a half (7.5) centimeters of peat moss, a basking rock and plenty of plant life as use for shelter and hiding spots. The main light source for the containment should be a full-spectrum UVB light, kept on a twelve (12) hour cycle; daytime temperatures to be around thirty (30) degrees Celsius, night-time temperatures to be lowered to eighteen (18) degrees Celsius. Humidity levels must be kept at about 20%. During the daytime, an incandescent bulb for SCP-582 must be available that reaches to thirty-seven (37) degrees Celsius.

SCP-582 is an omnivore and requires a diet of both meat protein and vegetables. Recommended foods are crickets, mealworms, silkworms and earthworms with a mixture of sweet potatoes, carrots, beans and softened/mashed fruits. Water is to be available in the enclosure at all times and cleaned daily. Personnel are to be trained in the gentle handling of SCP-582 before being assigned to opening its tank for cleaning or handling for tests.

Description: SCP-582 is a lizard, thirty-five point five (35.5) cm long from nose to tail tip, resembling a Berber Skink or Dotted Skink. The trademark orange spots of the Berber Skink are present but prone to colour change in relation to its unusual ability to ‘sing’, much like a tuning device. It can communicate in a series of whistles and trills which it forms into complex songs reflecting its mood. Subjects in audible range of SCP-582’s songs have reported feeling happier or sadder depending on the tone of the song, leading to the conclusion that it has minor empathic projection.

Its range of notes has been found to reach both higher and lower than is capable of human hearing to process, each time a different area of spots on its back have changed colour to correspond. The colours vary, ranging from red to blue to green depending on how long a note is held. Sad or low notes have been discovered to change the spots closer to its tail, happier and higher notes closer to the neck.

Notes along the head are ranged not only as inaudible to human ears but reach such a pitch and volume as to be able to shatter objects and cause dizziness, burst eardrums, unconsciousness, brain hemorrhaging and death in subjects. These notes have only ever been uttered by SCP-582 when it is being threatened, abused or hurt, going higher until such time that its attacker is rendered unconscious or dead.

Addendum 1: SCP-582 was discovered in a small village outside of [DATA EXPUNGED], Africa in 200█. Word had reached the Foundation of a series of deaths involving a lizard and a small team was dispatched to investigate. The deceased were found with internal cranial trauma and burst eardrums. Upon questioning the locals, it was revealed the deceased had been following some unusual noises they had been hearing over several days.

When directed to the area in which the deceased had been found, Agent ██████ reported hearing whistling of a sorts. They came upon SCP-582 and proceeded to approach with intent to capture. This only distressed it and made it feel threatened, prompting loud, high-pitched noises of warning. When restrained by ████████, SCP-582 attempted to defend itself with its highest note, killing two of the team who were in direct range by [DATA EXPUNGED] and caused a range of hearing problems for the remaining three personnel.

A calmer approach was attempted and proved far more effective as it was coaxed into a box using various insects and fruit in the area. It is now under the supervision of Dr. ████.

Addendum 2: SCP-582 seems to have similar recognition of humans as seen in dogs. It will happily move towards individuals it remembers treating it well and flee from those who have previously harmed it. It has displayed eager response to music and whistling. It has attempted to copy the new tunes and adopt them into its already complex systems of tunes and whistles. Further testing and training of SCP-582 requested to see if a means of communication can be forged with this creature. Results suggest it may be useful in therapeutic areas.

Note: Personnel cleaning SCP-582's tank are to refrain from whistling while they work as it has been picking up new tunes without proper supervision. Also, who taught the little bugger to wolf-whistle?

~Dr. ████

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