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SCP-585 at recovery location

Item #: SCP-585

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-585 may be contained in a standard locked storage room. It poses no direct threat to safety or security. Due to issues regarding the cost of supplies and the privacy of Subject-585-1, authorization is required to use SCP-585.

SCP-585 is to remain unpowered if Subject-585-1 is brought within 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) of the containment facility. Any images produced by SCP-585 while Subject-585-1 is near the facility must be destroyed immediately.

Description: SCP-585 is a Hewlett-Packard Model ██████ large format plotter. The casing shows signs of normal wear and tear. Disassembly of SCP-585 reveals no abnormalities in the construction, components, or firmware.

If components from another plotter of the same model are installed into SCP-585, SCP-585 fails to power on. If components from SCP-585 are installed into another plotter, the other plotter likewise fails to power on. Ink cartridges and paper, however, may be replaced if needed. Generic components not specifically designed for a plotter (e.g., screws) also seem to be exempt from this phenomenon.

When connected to a computer and sent a file to print, SCP-585 begins operating as expected, but it does not print the file requested. Instead, it prints a grayscale 101.6 cm x 101.6 cm (40 in x 40 in) aerial photograph. Many trials have been conducted; these are described in detail in document EL-585-████. In summary, most of the photographs depict one of several seemingly predetermined locales. A geographic team led by Dr. ███ has identified these locales, which are, in order of decreasing frequency:

  • A shopping mall located at [DATA EXPUNGED], Seattle, Washington
  • A residential area bounded by [DATA EXPUNGED] streets, Seattle, Washington
  • A bar located at [DATA EXPUNGED], Seattle, Washington
  • An apartment complex located at [DATA EXPUNGED], Tacoma, Washington

It may be relevant to note that SCP-585 prints images of the mall only during the day, the bar only at night, and the apartment complex in Tacoma only on weekends. Other locales are sometimes depicted, though none with enough frequency to be noted in this summary. Dr. ███'s team has confirmed that all are located in and around the Seattle-Tacoma area.

Addendum 585-1: Some of the photographs show construction of buildings and roads. Dr. ███'s team has compared these photos with public urban planning records. Their conclusion is that the photographs are current, having been taken at most one day prior to printing.

Addendum 585-2: Analysis of ground shadows suggests that the photos are taken at most thirty minutes prior to printing.

Addendum 585-3: Field agents have been monitoring the areas commonly depicted in the photographs. They report that a 2█ year old caucasian male named Eric █████ is a common link:

  • He is employed as [DATA EXPUNGED] in the mall.
  • His home address is [DATA EXPUNGED], located in the center of the residential area.
  • He frequents the bar located at [DATA EXPUNGED] after leaving work.

Agent ██ has made undercover contact with Eric, and through conversation has determined that he visits [DATA EXPUNGED] in Tacoma on weekends. Plans to attach a GPS tracking device to Eric's car have been scrapped; he does not own a car, and relies on public transportation instead.

Addendum 585-4: Agent ██ followed the subject on a public bus to Tacoma, periodically reporting the bus's location with a GPS unit. Images produced by SCP-585 are a 100% match to the subject's location at the time of printing. “Eric” is henceforth classified as Subject-585-1. Subject seems unaware of anything unusual going on. Field agents will continue to monitor the subject until further action is deemed necessary. Agent ██ has been removed from the field to avoid arousing suspicion.

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