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Item #: SCP-587

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-587 is to be kept within a chilled box lined with a layer of depleted uranium followed by a layer of lead. This box must contain no sources of light, and must possess an interior surface albedo of less then 10%, as well as an interior surface reflectivity similarly small. The outside of the box is to be lined with materials to intercept as much EM radiation as possible and direct it away from the interior. The box is to be stored in a secure holding facility. Direct testing is only to be carried out within a room of similar physical properties.

Description: SCP-587 is an exactly 20 carat (4 gram) D-grade (Highest clarity) flawless diamond of ideal round cut. SCP-587 has the unusual property that all electromagnetic emissions passing through it are magnified in intensity by a power of ten. Light passing through is distorted in the same manner as light passing through a standard diamond of comparable clarity and cut.

Addendum 587-1 History
SCP-587 came into Foundation custody after several buildings it had been stored in were destroyed by fire. After the fifth loss of an evidence holding facility, local police gave the item to the FBI. After two additional incidents in FBI care, it was handed over to the Foundation for testing and secure containment.

Addendum 587-2 Test notes
Test 587-1: Light was allowed to fall on SCP-587, of frequencies ranging from approximately 100 kilohertz (Long wave radio waves) to approximately 10 exahertz (γ-rays). The purpose of this test was to determine SCP-587's effects on wavelengths outside the visible spectrum.
Result 587-1: All light was increased in intensity by an order of magnitude prior to distortion by the shape and optical nature of the diamond. Distortion occurred upon the magnified light as normal.

Test 587-2: This test was an attempt to determine the material components of SCP-567.
Result 587-2: [DATA EXPUNGED] testing temporarily suspended due to resulting damage.

Addendum 587-3: Notes
Yes, I know depleted uranium is radioactive, but it only emits alpha and beta particles, not gamma rays. Furthermore, it's very good at absorbing electromagnetic radiation. Stop asking why it's wrapped in uranium. ~ Dr. Cellophane

Exact as used here means just what it sounds like: 'as exact as our measuring equipment is capable of going'. ~Dr. Cellophane

Do not attempt spectral analysis again. See incident 587-2. Requesting permission to upgrade to Keter due to potential for world-ending incidents of the 'second big bang' variety. ~ Dr. Cellophane

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