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Item #: SCP-588

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Specimens of SCP-588 only poses a threat if the side depicting George Washington comes into contact with solid or liquid matter. Thus, all examples of SCP-588 should be kept in small tubes that keep them restrained while not letting solids or liquids come into contact. SCP-588's quantity should be limited, and thus excessive examples of SCP-588 should be melted.

Description: SCP-588 is a living species of the American Quarter. Specimens of SCP-588 display no life signals, but SCP-588's properties give it all the necessary features of a life form:
A specimen of SCP-588 will, if unrestrained, move along the surface it is currently on.
SCP-588 specimens absorb any solid or liquid matter that comes into contact with the depiction of George Washington, seemingly intaking energy.
SCP-588 specimens will, if allowed to eat, emit a feces-like substance from the side not depicting George Washington.
SCP-588 specimens, if allowed to eat enough, will create new specimens through an unknown process.
SCP-588 specimens may be able to sense their surroundings, as they have been observed attempting to escape furnaces while being melted.

SCP-588 specimens retain these properties until they are melted to the point at which the markings are no longer recognizable.

Addendum-588-1: SCP-588 specimens have displayed some rudimentary intelligence, at least in groups. When released in a test environment they were observed hunting moving objects in packs. Research is ongoing.

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