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SCP-591, in its inactive state.

Item #: SCP-591

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-591 must be kept in its storage locker at all times unless being studied. Those handling the device must wear ear protection, except those individuals being used to demonstrate the device's effects. Under no circumstances should this device be left unsecured (see Addendum 2). Borrowing this SCP for parties is strictly prohibited.

Description: SCP-591 appears to be a Sony model CFD-G500 boom box in every way, except for the effects created when a music compact disc is played. This causes everyone who can hear the music to start dancing in a style appropriate to the music, unable to stop until the music ends. It is unknown at this time why this particular example of this model is capable of such effects.

Addendum 1:
The results of experiments regarding SCP-591 have been moved to the Test Log and should hereafter be recorded there.

Addendum 2:
In light of recent incidents, the following albums or songs are forbidden from being played on SCP-591, even during experiments:

  • "The Macarena". Really guys, that wasn't funny.
  • "Yakety Sax". The human body was not meant to go that fast.
  • Any "stripper" music, particularly in the women's dorm. Grow up, guys.
  • Anything by the Bloodhound Gang.
  • There will be no moshing in the test laboratory. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Until further notice, SCP-591 will be locked up, and the key kept by Dr. ██████ when not being studied.

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