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SCP-592 before capture (image circa 1920)

Item #: SCP-592

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-592 is to be under constant surveillance in a pen with complete living standards. In case a sample of organic matter from SCP-592 is needed, tranquilizer darts found outside of the airlock are to be used to subdue it.

While it is advisable for personnel to keep their distance from SCP-592, there has been no recorded problems with physical contact of SCP-592. However, if any personnel are to experience sudden headaches, ruptured blood vessels in the nose, or an intense ringing sound in their ears, they are to evacuate the room immediately. Likewise, no personnel may interact with SCP-592 alone until cleared by command.

It is to be fed a bowl of milk and bananas daily. During feeding, no other personnel are to be present in the room, for SCP-592 may become frightened and hostile.

Description: Item SCP-592 is a small humanoid with long limbs. It is most active at night. SCP-592 has suspected 'psionic' abilities, which may include damaging or destroying brain tissue. If during any time SCP-592 appears to be attempting communication with personnel, command is to be notified and personnel are to remain silent and still until proper researchers are present.

Document #BF-592A: Upon collection of SCP-592, Agent █████ observed SCP-592's feeding behavior. Due to storage limits on the available transport, SCP-592 had insufficient foodstuffs. Within twenty four hours of SCP-592 not having its normal food, it damaged the transport carrying it (HMAS Patricia Cam) and killed the majority of the crew. However, before SCP-592 fled beyond recovery, Agent █████ offered it several bananas and a can of milk. SCP-592 was then able to be subdued and restrained until proper support and transport equipment were brought in.


PND-21: So this is her.

OP-698: What was that noise?


OP-698: Do you have a name? Come on. Do it again!

PND-21: She's like that all the time, boss. You just get used to it.

OP-698: Shut up. Creature. Do that again.

PND-21: What are you doing? Get away from her!

OP-698: Back off. She knows something she's not telling us.

PND-21: Put her down, man!

OP-698: Answer me you little shit.


Note: Both the Operator and Class-D Personnel in the room with the artifact during the recording were found deceased. General Carter has ordered the expunged data in this transcript for security reasons. This transcript is to be used as a cautionary tale for any and all Personnel and Operators attempting to interact with the object.

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