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Item #: SCP-602

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: No Special Containment is required. Subject carrying the artefact is required to carry a tracking device and emergency button on his person at all times to avoid or be rescued from any potential situation that may result in the loss of the item.

Description: SCP-602 is a pendant made of plain silver, shaped like a stylized wolf's head with a single piece of yellow jasper placed in the location of the eye. On the backside of the wolf-figure are several engraved words, though it is indeterminable what they say as the metal is twisted in such a way that some of the markings have fused together or elongated beyond recognition. What caused this is unknown. From what can be read, it appears to be a mixture of runes or rune-like markings and Latin script.
The pendant is currently suspended on a simple leather lace, although Subject 602/02 (current wearer) states that the pendant hung on a heavy metal necklace when he acquired it. [see File 602-01]

The item emits a very low level of unidentified radiation which envelopes the current owner of the pendant. The radiation becomes visible in infra-red light.
So far the radiation is not harmful to the owner, and may actually trigger the effect of SCP-602. Due to the nature of this artefact, it is impossible to ascertain this however. [See File 602-01]

File: 602-01: Log of Prof. M. Silesius dated ██/02/20██ [Translated from Dutch]

A young man appeared out of thin air yesterday, shirt covered in heavy bloodstains around his heart area. The man was very disoriented and very violent, thrashing about on my desk. I saw no other way to calm him down aside from tasering him, temporarily paralysing him.
The man was wearing a gambeson [a thick padded garment worn under chain mail to provide extra protection] and other items originating from the middle ages.
When he calmed down sufficiently he spoke in a very distinct English accent. My wife (a native English speaker) was near when he spoke and guessed he must be from Great Britain, but did not recognize his accent.
He did seem surprised to still be alive, however, and when I asked him where the blood came from he stated that it must be his own, but how he survived a direct thrust in his heart (!!!) he could not tell us.
My wife and I could not explain what had happened, but we have decided to first take care of the man before we determine our next course of action.

██/09/20██ [Translated from Dutch]

A week has passed since our "guest" dropped in, and we've decided that we had better not have him checked in a hospital, for two reasons: 1) The man is not injured in any kind of way as far as my limited first aid training can tell me and 2) What do we tell the doctors at the hospital? "Hello, this is my cousin ██████. No, he's not registered anywhere because he's from a different age."?
That's right… I haven't mentioned his name yet. He told us his name is ██████. He would not tell us his last name, for some reason, though.
He also told us how he thinks he got here. Magic, he says. Said he'd found some pendant prior to a great battle in which he fought as a footsoldier. The design of the pendant was that of a very stylized wolf, and it was made out of silver with a yellow stone for an eye.
I find the idea of magic hard to believe though. I'm sure there is a more logical reason to find for his disappearance from his own time.
When we checked we couldn't find this pendant, although I am SURE I saw something silver flashing around his neck.

██/12/20██ [Translated from Dutch]

Maybe it is me, but ██████ looks like he aged a couple of years… must be the stress of adapting to these strange times. He's shown some interest in the weapon designs I've drawn up, by the way. Although he fails to comprehend that these are personal arms, and not siege weapons. Although, should my latest design work as planned, one person could certainly function as a man-sized siege weapon.

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