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Item #: SCP-603

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-603 is stored in a minimum-security containment locker at Storage Site-23.

Description: SCP-603 is an unmarked black steel crowbar, about 1.5 meters long. SCP-603 appears to be capable of producing irreversible results. Any objects pried apart with it will resist being rejoined. This first appears to be a magnetic effect, but as more force or complex instruments are utilized, it manifests as an ability to alter probability, causing failures or accidents. To date, there has been only one circumstance of this ability being overcome.

Experimentation Log 603:

Experiment 603-1: Two six-foot planks recently nailed together.

Planks were separated with ease. First attempts to rejoin met with failure, as the planks appeared to have no friction relative to each other and would not stabilize to be nailed. After applying vise-grips, stabilization was achieved. On attempt to hammer the first nail, the head of the hammer separated from the shaft and broke the researcher's thumb. While test was interrupted for medical assistance, the vise-grips shattered, with further injury to auxiliary researcher. Both declined to continue experimentation, and were transferred to SCP-███.

Experiment 603-2: The door to ███████████'s former office.

After the events of [DATA EXPUNGED], Dr. ████████ was left locked out of his office. SCP-603 was used to force the door open, with only minor damage to the frame. Once repaired, the door would no longer close. Attempts to force the door closed resulted in detonation of the hinges, with some minor injuries to Dr. ███████ sustained by the door's subsequent collapse on him. Maintenance was notified, although uninformed of the involvement of SCP-603. [DATA EXPUNGED] resulting in three deaths.

Experiment 603-3: [EXPERIMENT MISSING]

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