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Item #: SCP-605

Object Class: Euclid (Keter pending approval)

Special Containment Procedures: Device is to be stored in a sealed, steel-walled chamber. Guards are to be posted on the outer doors at all times, and access to the device is to be restricted to personnel with clearance level 2. All samples of substance designated SCP-605-1 are to be restricted to the assigned lab when not in use, and access is to be allowed to assigned level 2 personnel only.

Description: SCP-605 resembles nothing so much as a large steel egg, approximately one (1) meter in height, supported on three (3) retractable steel legs. There are seven evenly spaced valves for attachment to the provided chemical containers around the top of the item, along with a simple hand operated tap at the bottom of the device. When the correct chemicals are supplied (each valve is marked with the chemical formula assigned to that valve) and the tap is operated, the device processes the chemicals to produce a low viscosity, vivid red liquid (dubbed SCP-605-1).

This substance, whilst poisonous when ingested orally, has an unusual effect when directly injected; namely, it vastly improves the biological abilities of the subject at the cost of reducing their probable life span. Precise effects differ from subject to subject, but generally the improvements take effect within ten (10) minutes, then increase geometrically until the biological strain results in the death of the subject in sixty (60) to seventy-two (72) hours.

SCP-605 was discovered in a warehouse (previously property of the now bankrupt ████ corporation) in █████, England. Due to previous experience with some of that company's more unique innovations, SCP personnel moved in immediately to sweep the premises for any potential SCPs before its contents was released to banks and debtors. SCP-605 was the only object deemed necessary for acquisition located in the warehouse.

Addendum: List of test data

Test Subject: D-171-246
Effects: Increased muscle mass, improved reflexes, resistance to pain
Cause of Death: Catastrophic trauma caused to internal organs and skeletal system by own muscles
Time Elapsed: 63 hours, 27 minutes, 31 seconds

Test Subject: D-171-247
Effects: Increased muscle tone, improved reflexes, increased speed, vastly increased stamina
Cause of Death: Massive coronary
Time Elapsed: 60 hours, 2 minutes, 45 seconds

Test Subject: D-171-248
Effects: Increased muscle tone, vastly improved reflexes, problem solving ability, perceptiveness and thinking speed
Cause of Death: Brain death due to insupportable neural development
Time Elapsed: 69 hours, 24 minutes, 23 seconds

Test Subject: D-171-249
Effects: Increased muscle tone, resilience to extreme conditions, increased stamina
Cause of Death: Brain death due to exponential increase of internal body temperature in the last hour
Time Elapsed: 67 hours, 55 minutes, 28 seconds

Test Subject: D-171-249
Effects: Increased general fitness, coordination, precision; subject also described a sensation of "extruded view", saying he perceived time moving much more slowly - believed due to increased neural transmission
Cause of Death: Cranial trauma due to gun shot wound during escape attempt
Time Elapsed: 42 hours, 37 minutes, 12 seconds

Test Subject: D-171-250
Effects: Increased strength and speed, regenerative abilities
Cause of Death: Massive internal trauma caused by tissues continuing to regenerate when no wounds had been sustained
Time Elapsed: 72 hours, 12 minutes, 33 seconds

Addendum: Suggestion for new "Protocol 605"
Considering the beneficial but short-lived effects of 605-1, I would agree with my esteemed colleague's proposal regarding the 605 Protocol. A tactical unit of enhanced soldiers taken from among the D-level personnel would provide a useful and controllable emergency task force, especially given their shortened life span.

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