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Photo of SCP-607 at rest.

Item #: SCP-607

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject currently resides with Agent █████, who it has chosen as its "owner". Both Agent █████ and SCP-607 are to be placed under full surveillance for study, and Agent █████ is to report to Dr. █████ for psychiatric evaluation every two weeks. A task force should be ready at all times with at least one (1) D-class personnel on hand for subject to "imprint" on in the case of its death or that of Agent █████. No other containment seems necessary at this time.

Description: SCP-607 is a large grey male American Shorthair cat of indeterminate age with a collar reading "Dorian". Its behavior and feeding patterns are consistent with a normal cat of its size and breed, with an apparent preference for 'Fancy Feast' brand cat food. Unlike normal cats, however, SCP-607 seems incapable of dying of natural causes. This effect appears to be transferred to its "owner" as well, with the addition of protecting the "owner" from various types of harm. This seems to render the owner effectively "immortal", with the exception of the death of SCP-607. Should SCP-607 be exposed to harm for any reason, the owner will also be harmed in a manner approximating SCP-607's injury. For example, when SCP-607 was hit by a D-class during an expiriment, several bruises appeared on Agent █████'s face and body.

Should SCP-607 be exposed to a fatal event, the "owner" will immediately die in a manner approximating SCP-607's cause of death. SCP-607 appears to be aware of this, and has attempted self termination multiple times when bonded with an abusive owner. Exactly five minutes after death, SCP-607 will reanimate and begin to heal. SCP-607 will "imprint" on the first human it encounters after reanimation, choosing them as its new "owner". Research on the source of the "immortality" is underway, due to its potential for use.

SCP-607 was discovered in late 19██, when a man known as A███ S███████ suddenly and without warning violently expired at a cocktail party in uptown New York City. Mr. S███████ death was later found to coincide perfectly with the moment a party attendee leaving the home mistakenly backed over S███████'s cat.
Due to the mysterious nature of S███████'s death, a local Foundation operative joined the investigation as a "consultant". Special Agent F█████ had stepped outside to smoke a cigarette when he heard "a cute lil' mewlin' sound". SCP-607 subsequently bonded with Agent F█████, who later [DATA EXPUNGED] laced with rat poison as part of an experiment, thus confirming the properties of SCP-607.

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