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Public Domain image of a similar-looking doll.

Item #: SCP-611

Object Class: Safe [Motion to reclassify as Neutralized currently under review.]

Special Containment Procedures: No special storage procedures are required for SCP-611. It is to be kept in a locked safe-deposit box at Site 19's High Value Item Storage Facility. Standard positive-action defenses (explosive, chemical, biological, and memetic) are to be in place at all times, according to standard operating procedure.

No individuals or humanoid SCPs under the age of eighteen are to be allowed to interact with SCP-611 under any circumstances, and those under the age of thirty must receive examination to confirm that they have indeed "grown up". Individuals with an IQ of less than 85 are also not to be allowed to interact with SCP-611, to avoid risk of it considering them sufficiently child-like to imprint upon.

Description: Discovered in 19██ at [DATA EXPUNGED] along with SCP-612 and SCP-6131, SCP-611 resembles a perfectly normal Cabbage Patch Kid™, with [DATA EXPUNGED]. Tests of 611's physical and chemical properties have found it to be a perfectly normal child's toy with no unusual properties, aside from those mentioned below.

The "doll" was given to the youngest of █████ ███████'s three children, █████ (hereby referred to as SCP-611a) as a seventh birthday present. Its unique properties began to appear on ██/██/████, when SCP-611a had fallen in the path of a 1990 Volkswagen Polo. The vehicle's brakes, which had previously been malfunctioning, quite suddenly locked, causing the vehicle to stop moments before it would have struck and presumably killed. SCP-611a. Analysis of the scene indicates that the vehicle should not have come to a complete stop for another fifteen meters.

SCP-611a continued to be without major accident or injury for several years, before the suspicious circumstances of █████ ███████'s death (now attributed to [DATA EXPUNGED]) were reported to SCP. SCP-611, 612, and 613 were discovered simultaneously, and ordered to be retrieved. Attempts to separate SCP-611 from 611a all inevitably ended in failure, with results ranging from personnel suddenly becoming disoriented and losing hand-eye coordination to uncontrollable vomiting and convulsions. When Agent ██████ attempted to strike SCP-611a in anger, the floorboard beneath him collapsed, despite being in good repair only moments before.

SCP-611 and 611a were taken in by SCP under the cover of being transported to a relative's home for foster care. SCP-611a was housed in Site 19, where she and SCP-611 were tested vigorously. Tests conclusively showed that SCP-611a was protected from all harm, with any attempts to injure or restrain her being rebuffed by contrived accidents of severity proportionate to the amount of intended harm. [See Experiment Log 6112.]

On SCP-611a's eighteenth birthday, SCP-611 seemingly lost all of its protective powers over SCP-611a. SCP-611 was moved to Site 19's High Value Item Storage Facility, and SCP-611a, with O5 approval, was Level 1 Personnel clearance, and hired to watch over SCP-611, which has shown no activity since.

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