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Item #: SCP-614

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-614 is to be contained in a climate-controlled, ten (10) meter by ten (10) meter by three (3) meter room. Walls of this room are to be constructed of temperature-resistant cement, with an aluminum/steel alloy mesh roof exposed to the sun. An electrified fence must surround the roof of central containment. Standard fire suppression materials must be in place at all times. A large planter containing a juvenile oak tree is to be set in the center of the room, and trimmed or replaced as necessary. Fallen leaves should be swept once every three days. SCP-614 should be fed twice daily, see Document 614-N394I-102 for dietary information. Containment personnel recommend against bringing synthetic items, particularly clothing, into the central containment room, and easily flammable items or explosives of any sort are strictly prohibited. Loose clothing or clothing with many pockets should not be worn into SCP-614's containment area. Tranquillizer dart guns will be available at containment access.

Description: SCP-614 appears as a single, slightly larger than average, male member of the species Sciuridae vulgaris, the red squirrel, weighing 730 grams and measuring 51 centimeters including tail. Visually, its only trait which identifies it as abnormal is its eyes, which are bright orange and appear to be lit from behind. Monochromatic colorblind individuals report the ability to easily recognize the effect, if not the color. SCP-614 also appears to understand basic phrases and sentences in English, although complex or unusual words seem to be beyond its grasp. It will shake or nod its head in response to questions or requests (although new personnel should be reminded that this does not indicate a tendency towards honesty or obedience).

The most significant capability is its manipulation of thermal energy. When alone, the SCP is surrounded by a barrier approximately 2.88 meters in radius, which at most naturally occurring temperatures stabilizes at 15 degrees Celsius above the surrounding area. Meanwhile, the area in a 10 meter radius outside of the "inner barrier" will drop by approximately 5 degrees Celsius. However, the addition of other animals from the family Sciuridae, or some but not all members of the order Rodentia, into SCP-614's "outer barrier", causes this field to increase exponentially in power, and for a similar field to surround the added animal. This does not harm the added animal, and all affects last only as long as the animal is in SCP-614's "outer barrier".

The surface temperature of SCP-614 is difficult to determine: it can measures in excess of 1800° Celsius when measured through infrared thermometers or cameras, while contact thermometers read between 1-12° Celsius. Additionally, Class-D tests using food to lure the SCP described it as feeling no warmer or cooler than expected for the given conditions. Internal temperature is unknown and perhaps unknowable.

Interestingly, in most cases, no plant or animal-based substances (including other living creatures) within either of SCP-614's "barriers" are affected. (Non-organic matter demonstrate the results of typical exposure to that temperature.) Secondary fires remain a major concern, and prompted the initial retrieval. However, SCP-614 is, if it feels threatened, able to alter this, either consciously or unconsciously. For example, Class-D tests attempting to chase the SCP resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Containment area rebuilt over six days. Skin grafts for Dr. █████████ arranged through SCP-596.

Test Log : 614/IM3/LO9 :
With O5-█ approval, we've added another gray squirrel to SCP-614's containment. The first one, a normal male, ended up fighting over the tree before we set off the sprinkler system and removed him. Thankfully SCP-614 didn't consider him enough of a threat to [DATA EXPUNGED]. I've been thinking, if we can get any degree of compliance or even a reliable way to start a fight, it'd make a heck of a backup generator system. I've taken the liberty of sending a female to medical for preparations, and prototype testing should be on schedule as soon as that's completed.
- Researcher ████ "Gattsuru" ████

Wait, you want me to tubal ligate a what? - Dr. ███████

Smuggling 614 into that Live Earth concert was not funny. It was hilarious. But it's only hilarious once.

Future use of any SCP for pranks that public will have you cleaning SCP-173's cell. - O5-█

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