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Item #: SCP-615

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-615 is to be contained in a 3 meter by 3 meter by 4 meter room separated from any high-traffic areas of the facility. No personnel, under any circumstances, save for experimentation, may enter this room or attempt to touch the SCP.

Description: SCP-615 is a longsword, 1.5 meters in length, with a hand-and-a-half hilt configuration. The guard is adorned with a square-cut gemstone of unknown composition and origin. The blade itself is, through an undetermined process, stained white with a dark-blue wave motif. SCP-615 hovers approximately 4cm above the ground. Any attempts to move the blade have been met with failure. Personnel that have touched the sword have reported experiencing such symptoms as panic attacks, heart palpitations, chest pains, numbness, and shortness of breath. These symptoms vary, but always quickly accelerate into lethality. Personnel spending long periods of time with or near SCP-615 have all experienced similar, yet more powerful symptoms.

Several experiments have been conducted in order to determine the cause of such symptoms, but radiation, biological, and extrasensory tests have all returned negative. Prolonged exposure to the SCP has shown a severe mental degradation as well, affecting test subjects with even phenomenal willpower and healthiness. Further tests will be conducted in order to conclude the extent of the blade's hazard, but until then, SCP-615 will remain a "Safe" class object.

Addendum: 9/14: Dr. ███████, Experimental Log █████

Dr. ███████: This is [DATA EXPUNGED]. Test Subject D-231, how are you feeling?

Subject D-231: I feel fine.

Dr. ███████: Are you completely sure?

Subject D-231: Well, yes, I- (subject grabs chest, breathing very hard) I…need some…air…

Dr. ███████: (signaling to medical staff) Get the man some oxygen!

Subject D-231: (takes deep breaths from the oxygen tank) Uhh…it…hates…me… (Subject goes into violent seizures and dies)

(end of log)

Note: "After Dr. ███████ death, Dr. Thurnum as henceforth taken over the experimentation on SCP-615. Autopsy indicates Dr. ███████ died of a massive stroke."

Addendum: 3/17: Dr. Thurnum, Experimental Log █████

Dr. Thurnum: Subject D-598, would you please grab onto the sword's hilt?

Subject D-598: Uhh, sure. (Subject takes hold of SCP-615)

(3 minutes pass) Dr. Thurnum: How are you feeling?

Subject D-598: I'm not feeling so good…like…I don't want to live any more…

Dr. Thurnum: Alright, that's enough, you can let go now.

Subject D-598: (Relaxes hand, but does not release grip) What? I…I can't let go!

Dr. Thurnum: Hm. Guards, try to pry his hand away from the sword, but don't touch it.

(3 D-Ranked Personnel enter the room and attempt to pry Subject D-598's fingers open, but cannot)

Dr. Thurnum: What? What are you doing? Get out of there!

Guard 1: I can't!

Guard 2: Me neither!

Subject D-598: (begins weeping blood, bleeding from facial orifices) W-why does…it…hate…me…so…much…

(Subject D-598's arm falls off at the elbow, still clutching the hilt)

Dr. Thurnum: My God…Get medical down here right now! This is so wrong.

(All 3 Guards seen bleeding in a similar fashion, and falling apart)

Dr. Thurnum: Fuck this. (Seals door)

(End of log)

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