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SCP-616 (excerpt from security footage)

Item #: SCP-616

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Only an ordained (and believing) minister of an Abrahamic faith with security clearance of level four or above may examine the door, and must remain at least 0.9 metres from the threshold of the door at all times, the exact measure is 0.94m (3ft, 1in), non-ordained or non-Abrahamic clergymen must remain 9.17m (30ft, 1in). Violation of this distance will result in a forty (40) percent chance of being sucked into the door, or a slow growing insanity, culminating in killing the emotionally closest people in relation to the particular subject.

Electronic viewing has proved impossible, a remote controlled rover entered both destructive zones, but upon entrance of the door, the rover recorded images that killed all observers. A security tape of the video with the recording playing did not cause any death. It is unknown why, as the security tape had sound and color recordings. It displayed a video of a small naked child on an upside-down crucifix. A dull knife is brought to his face, and strips of skin are ripped off, while salt is poured on each new wound. Any remaining footage fade to a solid red screen. Observers of said footage committed suicide in various ways, ranging from a gunshot to the head, to punching oneself in the head until a brain hemorrhage was obtained. The subject’s hands in the latter case were mangled and fractured by the self-inflicted assault, but he continued until he rendered himself unconscious.

Speakers were placed around the door on █████████████ and a conversation was instructed to take place between D-class personnel. The door answered, apparently telepathically. When the door began ‘speaking’, all personnel in attendance died.

It is necessary for seven archbishops, ordained and believing, to at all times surround at a distance of 3.05m (10ft) the artifact on the surrounding catwalk. they must continuously pray; failure to adhere to this protocol has resulted in the door opening, apparently of its own accord. The results of the door opening are detailed in document SCP-███-█, SCP-███-█, and SCP-████-█.

In addition, the Pope (or a similar Abrahamic religious figure of equivalent belief) must bless the chamber in accordance with the appropriate religious ceremony once per full year. The official must report at least three days prior to the year elapsing. Though failure means that the door may open, the ceremony is one that is of utmost importance — it is highly unlikely that any one official will miss the ceremony, but in the event a substitute will be selected rapidly.

All corpses of those who have died in relation to SCP-616 must be immolated within midnight of that day, failure to do so will result in hostile reanimation. Recordings of the language spoken by reanimated corpses have been shown to be heard by every listener in their own language, despite it being seemingly unintelligible. The only discernible words we have found, are, in English, as following: ████ ██████████ █ ██████ ███████ ███ ███████.

NOTE: all personnel involved with SCP-616 must be polygraphed as regards to any participation in the occult. Personnel having done so must not be allowed in the containment chamber.

Description: SCP-616 was the door located in the ‘red room’ of █████ █████████’s home. The door was collected on Jan. 9/1976, under the pretense of removing the former owner’s possessions, at the cost of sixteen men. The Gate is believed to be the entrance Dante took to leave Hell; it is unknown how he entered the gate in Long Island. Since the door was moved with the end location remaining the same, it is assumed the gate was brought from Italy to America at some point. It was found by construction workers in the late 1940’s; they built the red room with no prior instruction. Upon completion of the home, all workers were found dead. An SCP team extracted the door from the home using by recruiting class D personnel known to be strong in Abrahamic faith. The personnel were ordained by the ████████████ as cardinals for the task. The entire door assembly was removed; this included the frame, hinges, and lintel. The assembly was lifted out with a crane and loaded into a flatbed truck, where it was moved to containment facility ████████████. It is now mounted in the exact center of a spherical subterranean chamber with a diameter of 400 metres. It is directly above a 200 megaton nuclear warhead, which, for emergency containment protocol purposes, is kept armed at all times. the containment chamber has been blessed twelve times by the ████████████ himself.

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