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Item #: SCP-617

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-617 is to be kept in a 20x20x10 steel or concrete room, sealed by a double airlock at all times. SCP-617 requires fresh meat and water at least twice daily. Under no circumstances are tests on SCP-617 allowed until it can be safely observed.

Description: SCP-617 is a genetically modified human male of indeterminate age and dimension. All that is known of it is that it is skinny enough to squeeze through ducts, cracks, or any other opening roughly 1.5' long.

SCP-617 displays advanced stealth, strength, speed, and problem-solving abilities due to the modification to it's DNA structure. It is 99% invisible at all times, and does not give off heat signatures. Due to this fact, research on SCP-617 has been fruitless. It is in constant pain from the experiments it went through, and is extremely unstable and violent, killing any human it comes in contact with.

Initial capture was performed by SCP operatives after SCP-617 escaped from ████████, a military technology corporation located in █████, ██. ████████ initially sent a tactical unit after SCP-617, however, all members were killed one by one. Apprehension of SCP-617 was almost a failure, as well, only succeeding after 7 agents were killed by SCP-617.

SCP-617 is labeled Keter level due to it's strong acquired hatred for government and business. Should SCP-617 escape, it is likely to target high-level individuals and kill them.

In the event of SCP-617's escape, all floors of the site should be immediately locked down, and security teams dispatched. Sound-enhancing equipment is recommended for apprehension, as SCP-617 is noted to make barely-audible footsteps which can be used to trace it.

Attached below is a report recovered from ████████ after the initial apprehension.

[Document #3B-338]: Experiments are a failure. Recommend immediate retirement of all subjects. 15 per cent failure rate is too high, and no control method has been forthcoming after ██ years. [DATA EXPUNGED] We cannot allow any of them to escape, the consequences would be [DATA EXPUNGED] Destroy all related materials and let no one find out about these experiments.

Signed, Dr. ██████ ██████████

Addendum #1: Interrogation of Dr. ██████████ and other researchers found to be associated with the project have been uneventful. All data relating to SCP-617 was destroyed between the escape and our raid of ████████, with exception of document #3B-338. Dr. ██████████ and a select few of the top-level researchers are being kept in individual cells for the time being. All others involved with the project have been terminated.

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