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Item #: SCP-618

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-618-00 and SCP-618-01 are to be held in a cubic case roughly .5 meters on each side, with one secure ventilation unit on each side. Under no circumstances is SCP-618-01 to be exposed to living personnel. SCP-618's chamber should be guarded by two individuals at all times, each wearing a MOPP-4 suit to prevent them from inhaling and/or coming in contact with SCP-618-01; likewise, SCP-618-01 should be filtered and trapped at all times, with the filters changed and cleaned each week and the remains incinerated as thoroughly as possible when not being tested. Redundant filters should furthermore be added to the conditioning units on each side of the room, each filter treated with several 'sticky' materials so as to further trap any stray particles. (SCP-618-01 should under no circumstances be exposed to [DATA EXPUNGED].) Any personnel who are insufficiently protected are to undergo psychiatric testing to determine the severity of their exposure, followed by potential termination if necessary.

Description: SCP-618-00 appears to be a half-smoked cigarillo, continuously lit. The cigarillo registers as no more than 49ºC, even at its tip, and does not ordinarily ignite or burn anything it touches. It does not seem to produce ash or any sort of residue, and merely seems to emit smoke; however, when the ash at its end was knocked off, in an effort to analyze it, the researcher reported a substantial burn, consistent with those of a person holding the lit end of a smoldering cigar. Moments after, the cigarillo returned to its prior state, length undiminished. Testing of the ash produced showed it to be composed primarily of elements found in most tobacco blends.

SCP-618-00 continuously produces a thick smoke, which initial subjects stated as that of 'an incredibly fine tobacco blend'. Even subjects which were non-smokers beforehand provided this description. [See also: SCP-618-01]. Regardless of how much smoke SCP-618-00 produces, or the proclivities of its user, it never burns more than a millimeter beyond its initial state. Holding SCP-618-00 seems to be harmless, provided SCP-618-01 is not inhaled.

SCP-618-00 was initially discovered at the site of a murder in ███████, ████. Subject Zero, formerly a [DATA REDACTED] to have been distended and distorted with several cysts on his body. Autopsies of subject zero showed few irregularities, save for the substantial tumors throughout their body - on experimentation, each cyst appeared to be hollow with substantial gaseous quantities of SCP-618-01 inside. In initial tests, after the puncture of one cyst, laboratory staff were clear after one minute and 30 seconds, initiating MOPP-4 protocol for containment purposes. Further autopsies and experiments are suggested to take place under these restrictions.

SCP-618-01 is the smoke continuously provided by SCP-618-00. Initial experiments on class-D personnel have revealed it as a very highly addictive substance similar in composition to smoke produced by burning tobacco. Unlike tobacco smoke, it does not seem to settle upon most surfaces, instead dispersing once more through the air as if repelled; however, most organic substances can 'trap' this material, as well as a small selection of non-organic ones. When the smoke comes in contact with an organic substance, it seems to disappear, quickly followed by a searing pain in the subject's nerves. In the initial testing, the patient was immediately restrained and transported to a medical facility, and after four days was judged once more fit for work in another sector.

A second attempt at interaction was made, once more, this time involving three class-D personnel - each in excellent health, and each heavily restrained, requested to remain still during the test. Upon the placement of the cigarillo, none moved - at roughly 2 minutes, however, when the smoke of the cigarillo had permeated the room, each began to press forward, straining against their bondage, and muttering in low voices about how it would relieve their pain. At five minutes, each subject was actively straining at their restraints, and observation cameras had noted small lumps beginning to form upon their skin as they inhaled between sudden indecipherable shrieks. Finally, at 7 minutes, the test ended, and those subjects were forcibly returned to their rooms. On further testing, each subject which had inhaled more than a minor amount of the smoke had characteristic tumors under their skin.

Testing on SCP-618-01 has thus far returned various substances beyond simple tobacco, several of which are highly lethal. Further testing is required to determine the results of withdrawal from SCP-618-01; however, at least one test has been made involving long-term exposure to SCP-618. [See: Log SCP-618-L1] Simple skin contact with SCP-618-01 does not appear to provoke the cysts caused by inhalation, though the above burning does apply whenever subjects are exposed. Therefore, at least MOPP-3 gear is quite definitely required.

Log SCP-618-L1
This is the first long-term testing of the psychological effects of SCP-618. Agent Schism is interviewing the class-D subject. Said subject has been under the influence of SCP-618-01 for exactly 15 days and 3 hours. His body mass is 102.5 kg, and his height is 1.8 meters.

Agent Schism: As a prelude to this interview, I wish to state that the subject has become extremely distended, various malign cysts appearing up and down his body, apparently centering upon his chest. He has noted that clothing has become extremely uncomfortable, and therefore this and all further interviews are to be taken nude, for the comfort of the subject. Regardless of these cysts, the subject refuses to cease his continuous drags from SCP-618-00.

Agent Schism: How do you feel today?
Subject ████████: A little… stiff, really.
Agent Schism: Could you explain further?
Subject ████████: Kind of… a tingling around my lips, and I'm a little woozy… hang on. [The subject takes a long draw of the cigarillo at this point.] That's… a bit better. They're pulsing a bit more, though…
Agent Schism: You said your heart was racing earlier, but tests showed your pulse was normal. How long has this been going on?
Subject ████████: Not too long… just… since I started this… hee… [The subject takes another long draw.] It's… it's…hehehe… kind of funny, really, I didn't even…hahahaha!
Agent Schism: Have you tried stopping the… nurse? NURSE? He's going into convulsions! NURSE!
Subject ████████: All… all too fuu— [The subject begins to take a draw, before his body—[DATA REDACTED]

After the interview, Agent Schism was moved up in line for psychological testing. During the removal process, the room was found to contain an extremely high level of various compounds found in SCP-618-01, particularly dispersed throughout the air. An autopsy of the subject, with researchers in regulation MOPP-4 gear, found several hardened cysts, all hollow, within bone and tissue - each nonexistent before the subject's introduction to SCP-618. Each cyst, when punctured, was found to contain extensive quantities of SCP-618-01. Brain biopsies are indicated for future testing.

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