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Item #: SCP-619

Object Class: Safe


Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-619 is currently housed in storage locker 15-a-2 at SCP Processing Facility 21, 160 miles from Reykjavik, Iceland.

Description: Item SCP-619 is a pair of faded Levi brand stonewashed jeans manufactured in 1994 with several stains and tears through apparent use. SCP-619 will have in its right pocket $3.16 no matter how many times the pocket is emptied. The currency appears in the form of 2 one US dollar bills, 4 US quarters, 1 US dime, nickel, and penny. Once the currency is removed from the pocket of SCP-619, it will somehow propagate the exact amount again. Tracing of the serial numbers of any US dollars created by SCP-619 has determined that they are authentic and should be in general circulation. Coins produced by SCP-619 are typically minted between the years 1971-2015. Objects placed into SCP-619 are not affected. Placing currency that is not in the form of US currency into SCP-619 will result in the currency propagated by SCP-619 to be $3.16 + US equivalent of foreign funds given at the exchange rate in 1994. Currencies that were not yet created by 1994 will not be affected.

The properties of SCP-619 have recently begun to change. Please refer to Incident 619-b and follow-up in Experiment Log 619-b.

Item Relocation Details
Item was moved from Site 19 to PF-21 ██/██/2003, to prevent SCP personnel from using the by-product of SCP-619 for personal gain. See Document SCP-619-A

Item was moved from PF-21 back Site 19 ██/██/2006 when it began to exhibit abnormal behavior. See Incident Report SCP-619-B

Document SCP-619-A: Memorandum from O5-█, Doug, I have here another report from one of the service technicians who found another 2010 quarter in the change compartment of the vending machines on level 4. This is the 3rd incident regarding misuse of a SCP object and I expect you to discipline anyone in that sector who has access to SCP-619. If there is another incident of this nature I will be forced to take steps to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

Incident 619-B
SCP involved:#619
Personnel involved: Dr. Jonathon █████, Dr. Barbara ██████, Ms.███████
Date: ██/██/2006
Location: PF-21

Due to the seemingly predicable behavior of SCP-619 it was not placed on any sort of surveillance routine. However, ██/██/2006, Processing Facilitator Ms. ███████ was proceeding though corridor aF at PF-21 and reported seeing storage locker 15-A-2 had “grown a large [DATA EXPUNGED] and was trying to reach the ceiling”. She reported this behavior immediately and security teams were dispatched. Security Teams arrived to find that indeed there was a long cylindrical protrusion coming from locker 15-A-2 and that it had the same color as the locker. The “appendage” did not appear to be moving other than to slightly undulate. Approximately two minutes into observation by security, one member used his issued radio to report the situation. This action caused the “appendage” to shrink in length by one third and wave violently in opposite direction of the radio in use. This method was used to open the locker and retrieve SCP-619 as to not damage the ceiling. On-site researchers Dr. Barbara ██████ and Dr. Jonathon █████ suggested that SCP-619 may be “leaking” and that it should be returned to Site 19 for proper storage and review. Removal of SCP-619 from the locker caused the door to return to its normal shape.

Document# 619-B:
Transit report of SCP-619 from PF-21 to Site 19:
Radio frequency emitters have been deployed around SCP-619 in order to minimize the item's newly acquired spatial warping behavior. SCP-619 delivered without incident. New series of testing on SCP-619 is scheduled to begin within a week.

Experimental testing of SCP-619 has begun. Please refer all inquires to Experiment Log 619-b.

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