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Item #: SCP-620

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-620 is to be kept in a cell containing the bare minimum of furnishing under SCP procedures regarding humane treatment of sapient/sentient SCP objects. Any requests subject makes are to be denied.

SCP-620's diet is to be strictly regulated and hygiene must be observed. SCP-620 is to speak with a psychiatrist for no less than one hour per day. Due to the nature of SCP-620's properties, subject is not permitted to be within 500m (1,640 ft) of any polyhedral die. Furthermore, SCP-620 is not to be contained in the same facility as SCP-776, SCP-777, or SCP-778.

Description: SCP-620 is a Caucasian male, roughly 167cm (5'6") tall and 127kg (280 lbs) in weight. According to a wallet found with the subject, SCP-620's birth name is Robert Merritt; however, subject insists on being called "Adupikehinoj," or "Adu" for short.

SCP-620 currently believes it is a player-character in a role-playing game, the details of which are presently unknown. The presence of polyhedral dice near SCP-620 appears to grant the subject unusual abilities for a limited time, provided that the subject both rolls one or more dice and rolls an arbitrarily high number on it/them. Known manifested abilities include [DATA EXPUNGED]. In the absence of polyhedral dice, SCP-620 is physically an ordinary human being.

Additional: SCP-620-1-D through SCP-620-8-D were a set of polyhedral dice found on SCP-620 upon its capture. Testing with these objects involving several D-level personnel have shown that they have no supernatural abilities by themselves. However, an unusual amount of high numbers rolled during this test led to further study. This second study revealed that all eight dice were loaded in order to cause higher numbers to appear more often. As they are normal, if not fair, dice, we have seen it fit to destroy them.

Addendum 620-01: SCP-620's behavior has become more hostile to the Foundation recently. According to the psychiatric department, SCP-620's delusion seems to have incorporated the Foundation as its main antagonist. Due to this development, testing on SCP-620 is to be suspended until further notice.

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