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Item #: SCP-625

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All specimens of SCP-625 are to be contained within a 20m x 20m x 20m room constructed of concrete and steel rebar, to be maintained on a weekly basis by level 2 personnel. Any interaction with SCP-625 is to be conducted while wearing special footwear constructed from SCP-143, under the light of twenty (20) high power flood lamps. Any lapse of protocol considered indicative of containment failure will result in a local shutdown of all adjacent sectors.

Description: SCP-625 appears to be a small, furred, rodent-like creature, approximately 20cm in height when fully upright, weighing 3kg when unfed. SCP-625 is capable of reaching a running speed of 48 km/h when in pursuit of nourishment, and is capable of feats of strength disproportional to its mass, able to lift or push objects fifty (50) times its own weight. It has only been seen to exert these qualities when aware of a viable source of food. On both of its hands are two (2) digits which extend into 15cm long claws, possessing a razor sharp edge, and capable of basic manipulation as would be possible with a rudimentary hand.

When a human subject is spotted by SCP-625, it will immediately attempt to assault the subject by any means possible, utilizing its abnormal speed and strength to remove any obstacles in the way. When within proximity of a subject, SCP-625 will flex its claws parallel to one another, and cut into the ankle nearest to them. A radial slab will be removed at the point of contact, and then grasped between the flat sides of the claws, after which SCP-625 will retreat to any nearby location that is sufficiently dark and secluded. There, it will feed until only the bone is left, and go into a dormant state for duration between two (2) and six (6) hours. Approaching SCP-625 while dormant is the only known time where direct handling of SCP-625 is possible without serious injury.

SCP-625's saliva contains a local anesthetic similar to that of a mosquito or a vampire bat, which is manufactured by a gland near the back of its throat. SCP-625 has been observed licking its claws often, applying the anesthetic to the bladed edge before a planned attack. This coincides with reports given by victims, claiming not to have noticed the cut until they take their next step and fall, or notice the pooling blood beneath them. It's possible for a victim to bleed to death before noticing the cut, if they remain stationary, and in fact several incidents occurred with a seated victim nearly bleeding to death. One such occurrence was at a crowded movie theater, where the victim had not become aware of his situation until a patron seated next to them noticed their feet had become wet.

SCP-625 is sensitive to intense light, and will let out a high-pitch squeal when exposed to it. Furthermore, after ten (10) seconds of direct exposure, SCP-625 will fall into its dormant state, but only for a period of time proportional to exposure. It is possible to ward off SCP-625 with lesser degrees of luminescence, but nothing less than a standard flashlight will have any effect. At extreme intensities, SCP-625 has been observed to burn and recoil in pain, although no physical harm has been recorded. SCP-625 has, on occasion, disabled or outright destroyed light sources in areas where it hunts, as noted in Incident Report 625-3b.

Located in ██████, Scotland, SCP-625 was first discovered in a closet of an abandoned home, during an inspection of the home by government officials. Upon discovering the oddly mutilated corpses, a murder investigation was launched. An implanted Foundation agent reviewed the file, and confirmed the circumstances to merit further investigation on behalf of the Foundation. A containment team was launched, and discovered and contained four (4) specimens of SCP-625 in the attic of the home. As of █-██-████, seventeen specimens of SCP-625 have been contained, and further attempts to find and secure more are underway.

Addendum 625-a: Several requests involving the use of SCP-625 as living weapons have been taken into consideration, and are under review, pending successful implementation of a deployment method.

Note: Personnel are advised not to enter Dr. Kondraki’s office or quarters at any time when he wears large protective gear around his ankles. No matter how many times he assures you that it’s perfectly safe. - Dr. █████

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