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Photograph of SCP-628 near it's discovery site.

Item #: SCP-628

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-628 must remain sealed in a containment room with 0.25 meter steel plating over 5 meter thick concrete to minimize chance of escape. All D-Class personnel assigned to assisting in research of SCP-628 are to be equipped with hearing protection at all times. Under no circumstances are any unprotected personnel to enter SCP-628's containment room. Failure to obey this will result in immediate execution of the offender.

Description: SCP-628 was found on April ██ 20██ by Dr. ████████ slightly south of Anchorage, Alaska. It appears to be a 2.38 meter tall genderless humanoid being that does not have a face or bodily hair. SCP-628 speaks in an unknown language that seems to be [DATA EXPUNGED]. Attempts to decipher this language by comparing it to any other languages have failed. It is recommended not to speak to SCP-628 for too long as the language might be linked to [DATA EXPUNGED]. The language has been linked to attacks upon SCP-628. See Addendum-3 for details.

SCP-628 wields a heightened amount of physical strength that it seems to use only in self-defense. SCP-628 also appears to have some sort of memetic abilities, as most personnel who are untrained are easily enraged by SCP-628's speech, and tend to attempt to either attack it, physically or verbally. As a result, SCP-628 is recommended to be kept away from unauthorized personnel to prevent incidents or further attacks.

Addendum-1: SCP-628 is currently pending approval of Keter status and moving to Area ██.

Addendum-2: Thanks to the work of Dr. G████, recording SCP-628's speech and playing it back seems to have significantly reduced effects at causing rage, although several personnel have reported being somewhat offended by the speech. It is recommended that any testing omit questions that rely on an answer from SCP-628 to be asked, and protective ear equipment be used at all times inside of SCP-628's containment chamber.

Addendum-3: ██/██/20██: SCP-628's conversation with Dr. ████████, was run through an audio program on a computer to log it and see if the computer could decipher the language that SCP-628 speaks in. It was discovered that SCP-628 speaks in a frequency of 10Hz and 22kHz simultaneously, which further supports the idea that SCP-628's speech causes humans to become enraged and attack it. Those with Security Clearance of 2 or above should view Audiolog 00628-1 to see results of the log created by the computer.

Addendum-4: Dr. ████████ has been removed from research and containment of SCP-628 due to the events that took place in Audiolog 00628-2. He is currently undergoing a psychiatric assessment and looking at possible relocation.


On April ██, upon arrival to Site 19, SCP-628 was attacked by two D-Class personnel, Security Officer Richards, and Dr. █████. In response to this attack, SCP-628 incapacitated Dr. █████, and exterminated both D-Class and Security Officer Richards. SCP-628 then proceeded to attack Dr. ████████ who seemed to scold it, causing SCP-628 to change its focus on several more Security Officers who appeared to attempt to contain it. Dr. ████████ managed to subdue a second time, resulting in SCP-628 collapsing in an unconscious state before any damage could be done. An MRI revealed that SCP-628 had suffered a Class II Internal Haemorrhage that seemed to heal itself over the course of several hours.

Audiolog 00628-1:

Direct translation from software, SCP-628's speech was recorded as such on the program. Begin log.
Dr. ████████: Hello again, SCP-628. I trust you're feeling better today?
SCP-628: Cƒ™Àù§¨àà㌓H}Àl©
Dr. ████████: I'm afraid I can't respond to that just yet, however I'll be recording this so perhaps we can understand what you're trying to say, alright?
SCP-628 nods. Dr. ████████ writes on his notepad.
Dr. ████████: SCP-628 appears to understand the English language. Quite good. Now, we're just going to ask a few simple questions about your origin and such. Get a better understanding of what it is that you are, exactly.
SCP-628 nods again, adjusts in it's seat.
Dr. ████████: What is the precise place of origin, be as specific as possible.
SCP-628: Ü9¬d9¯·c7ïw
Dr. ████████: Are there many more like you? If yes, how many?
SCP-628: Ø°uuÇõÔ~DžǞƥƯǭ
Dr. ████████: Approximately how old in earth years have you personally existed?
SCP-628: Vçx»T;r„ΩÂÊ5Å.¬~
Dr. ████████: Wait… repeat that last part?
SCP-628: Vçx»T;r„ΩÂÊ5Å.¬~
Dr. ████████: Can you speak English?
SCP-628 shakes his head. Dr. ████████ stands and walks to the door, bringing a security officer into the room. SCP-628 edges back in it's seat quickly.
Dr. ████████: Please repeat your answer to Officer Tuliy.
SCP-628: Vçx»T;r„ΩÂÊ5Å.¬~
Dr. ████████: What did you hear in that?
Officer Tuliy: I… I don't know but… what the hell is wrong with that thing?
Dr. ████████: Officer Tuliy please describe to the best of your ability what you heard.
Officer Tuliy: I don't… some weird sounds, it's pissing me off though.
Dr. ████████ pauses, then nods.
Dr. ████████: You may leave, Officer.
The officer leaves, Dr. ████████ sits back down.
Dr. ████████: Why could I understand that?
SCP-628: ƅƌƐǁƷƉƱƂ
Dr. ████████: But I couldn't understand that.
SCP-628: ÔėġÙĦŒăĐ¥¢¸®
Dr. ████████: Right… questions… umm…
Dr. ████████ looks through his notepad. Dr. ████████████ enters and shuts off the microphone. End log.

Audiolog 00628-2:

Audio captured at 07:12am of ██/██/20██. Begin log.
SCP-628 is heard walking around it's containment room, there are pauses every few seconds, before one of the chairs in the room is moved and sat down in. The door opens and Dr. ████████ enters, leaving the door open and slamming Audiolog 00628-1 in text form on the table.
Dr. ████████: What the fuck is this?
SCP-628 shifts back in it's chair.
Dr. ████████: Answer the fucking question!
There's the sound of the other chair in the room being thrown. Agent ████████ enters.
Agent ████████: Doctor? Is there a problem?
SCP-628: ƾ}ÈÀ®ÇË
Dr. ████████: Shut up! Just shut up! You know exactly what you did!
Agent ████████: Doctor, please relax and come with me.
Dr. ████████: No! Not until this goddamn thing explains itself!
Agent ████████: Doctor.
SCP-628: uuÇõ„ΩÂÊ5
Dr. ████████: I've had enough! I've had enough of you and your goddamn ways! You either answer me now or I'll do what everyone else is trying to!
Noises of a scuffle start, SCP-628 howls out. Agent ████████ fires a tranquilizer dart at Dr. ████████.
Dr. ████████: No! You don't know what's going on! I… I have to… kill it…
Agent ████████: Don't worry, he's not going to hurt you.
SCP-628: Whyyyyy?
Audio ends abruptly, microphone potentially damaged. End log.

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