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Item #: SCP-628

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-628 must be stored in a 3'x3'x3' glass cube at the center of its containment cell at all times unless it is being studied. No personnel below level 3 may use SCP-628. The walls of SCP-628's containment cell must be coated entirely of rough, uneven surfaces.. Personnel are advised to not look directly into or touch the operational end of SCP-628. SCP-628 should never be submerged in liquid, even partially. A personnel of at lest level 4 must be in the presence of any tests done on SCP-628. SCP-628's cell must be locked and guarded at all times.

Description: SCP-628 was recovered along with SCP-627 at Site 3-A. SCP-628 appears to be a 1.67 foot long off-white hand held gun. The device has three claw-like appendages at the operational end that have so far proven to not harm subjects like a weapon. The operational end glows with a blue or orange light, depending on its last action. The device acts like a gun, except instead of tangible ammunition such as bullets, fire, etc., it shoots small bursts of light. There are two triggers; a trigger that reads "1" fires a blue burst of light, and a trigger labeled "2" fires an orange burst of light. This light follows a straight path until it hits a solid flat surface. Once one of the bursts of light hits an appropriate surface, it will create a blue or orange ovular "portal". This "portal" will stay filled in with its corresponding color until the other portal is launched. It will then, through unknown means, create a quantum rip in the space-time continuum through which one can enter one "portal" and come out the other.

This effect will only work on surfaces smooth, flat and large enough to accommodate a "portal" and when activated, so SCP-628 is obviously classified as safe, so long as personnel do not touch or look into the operational end of SCP-628, and most importantly, do not [DATA EXPUNGED]. All attempts at disassembling SCP-628 or opening it have failed. It is also been proven to operate efficiently in very high or low temperatures, for instance 4,000 K. All attempts at figuring out how SCP-628 works have failed, and research on the object is mandatory as it can greatly advance our current technology.

Document 628-A: Functions of SCP-628's portals

The "portals" SCP-628 produces have very interesting qualities. These seem to be technology we could be capable of producing in the future, and the device itself seems to be from the future. Momentum, a function of mass and velocity, is conserved between portals. This is useful for "flinging" certain objects, for instance, placing a blue portal horizontally and an orange portal vertically, and object will come out of the orange portal at speed it fell into the blue portal. Another interesting fact: if a personnel places two portals, one above and the other below, facing each other, it will create an "infinite hole". Anything that falls into the portal will perpetually fall in an endless loop, due to the effects of gravity.

Addendum: Message from Dr. Wishum to personnel

"Personnel are advised to stop playing pranks on other personnel using SCP-628 using the aforementioned techniques or anything else not permitted. Anyone violating this will be demoted immediately."
-Dr. R. Wishum

Addendum: Message from Dr. Calib to personnel

"Personnel are advised to stop using the 'infinite loop'. Frankly, I don't see any way to stop once you have started. Unless you are wearing steel springed heels, you must not use this method, or it will be the last thing you ever do."
-Dr. C. Calib-

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