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Item #: SCP-629

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-629 is to be sealed in rapid ventilation storage unit 87. The hose, stem, basin, and bowl of SCP-629 are to be maintained in separate ceramic storage bins, submerged in flame retardant foam. No sources of flame may be taken into storage unit 87. HMC approval must be granted for any heat sources or plant materials introduced to SCP-629.

All activity on the part of SCP-629 is to be recorded, with all material subject to review by Level 3 clearance. All testing to be done under controlled environments with an airtight seal, with both automatic and manual flame extinguisher units and emergency ventilation systems armed. Test subjects require at least Level 1 security clearance, approval and supervision from at least one member of Level 3 staff required to perform tests.

Description: SCP-629 is a single hose hookah, 60cm in height, with a green glass bowl and basin, a steel pipe, and a green cloth-covered hose with metal end fittings. No detectable physical differences exist between SCP-629 and other specimens of similar models, though testing has revealed that anomalous behavior only occurs when the four specific segments are used.

The reason for SCP-629’s containment is that, when used, it brings the dreams of one randomly selected smoker to life. Once the dream is active, the chosen victim is incapable of avoiding interaction with it, even if they are aware of the nature of the scenario. The dreams are replicated by solidified smoke, produced in large quantities by SCP-629 if called for. Thus far, the smoke simulations have proven to be capable of emulating color, sound, and even luminosity on a limited number of occasions. Selection of which dream to simulate seems to roughly correlate to material smoked in SCP-629 through an as-yet unclear relationship.

Prior to collection, and before current testing routines were established, [REDACTED] injuries resulting in at least five (5) deaths from tangible and hostile dream conditions have been confirmed. Rumors exist of at least two more instances of SCP-629 existing, though some speculation exists as to whether the rumors merely refer back to the one currently contained.


SCP-629 was purchased by Agent [REDACTED] for $60 from the surviving owner in [DATA EXPUNGED] after the other owner of the hookah was fatally wounded by repeated stabbing injuries during a dream involving an ex-lover. Even when exposed to a lucid dreamer, SCP-629 tends towards coherent sleep-dreams as opposed to daydreams.

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