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Item #: SCP-629

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-629 is located at Site-72 in ██████████████████████, located 750m below Mt. ████████. Because of relative population density of host nation, extreme area restriction is impossible. Security is to be ensured by combination of covert and active measures.

Access is restricted to those with 2/629 clearance and higher, with the following restriction: only personnel of pure Nordic descent (with genealogical records tracing back at least 5 generations) are to be permitted access to the object, REGARDLESS of security level. Any personnel or civilians not meeting this requirement that reach Security Point 3 are to be terminated. Consult document Security Protocal 629-g-4.'Caving Hazards' for followup procedure.

Based upon past observation, it has been determined that physical restraint of SCP-629 is inefficient use of resources. Its enclosure remains a roughly 25m tall volcanic chamber of roughly 80m circumference, varying greatly by height. Access ladders to various points of interest are provided. All personnel entering or leaving the enclosure are require to undergo full cleansing and clean suit procedures as per standard procedure for hazardous materials.

SCP-629 is to be kept lit for observation with high-intensity sodium lamps at all times, with a minimum of 20 lights functioning at all times. Lighting is disconnected from national power grid and is attached to a backup power supply with a minimum of 12 hours capacity. If lighting should fail facility MUST be evacuated as per Security Protocol 629-b-1.'Interaction Appendix D'.

Description: SCP-629 is a humaniod mechanical construction of unknown origin, 52m tall and measuring 19m across the width of the shoulders. Appearance is that of a rather crudely armored human, with an animalistic face and large, flat horns protruding perpendicular to the forehead. The bulk of the exterior is brightly hued in reds, golds, and silvers. The majority of the external structure is of an unknown metallic alloy which has proved extremely difficult to damage enough to sample; the small dust fragments so far procured seem to indicate an extremely dense material, several times that of uranium-238. Samples taken on joints or from 'soft spots' behind plates return strictly Earth-normal samples of steel. Analysis of these metal samples place likely origin in ███████████████.

In normal state there is no emission of any energy from the machine along either the sonic or electromagnetic spectrum (save that of radiated heating from source-lighting; this does not appear atypical for an object of its size or calculated density.) However, when approached by a subject of Asiatic descent, energy emission begins to rise at a rate corresponding to genetic makeup/gender of subject (see file 629-A). These energy emissions start in the sonic spectrum as a low hum, and gradually increase across all spectrums as subject gets closer. Source of energy unknown; internal space of SCP-629 seems to indicate power supply inconstructable by current technology.

Age of SCP-629 impossible to accurately determine, though it is notable that steel ore was being extracted from ███████████████ up to 2000 years ago. Object first brought to SCP attention in January, 19██, after █████████████ Incident. Subsequent research has suggested that events of September, 19██, October, 18██, and December, 17██ are a result of previous activity.

Addendum: Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see document #629-a

Document #629-a: Energy Emission of SCP-629 by Proximity to Subject

Research was conducted between dates ███ ██/████ and ███ ██/████ by Dr. ████████. Subjects involved 12 Class D personnel of mixed race and gender, crossing as broad as range of racial background as possible. All subjects were allowed to enter the facility without being briefed as to nature of facility or SCP-629. Activity levels of SCP-629 were remotely monitored.

Female Subject, Nordic
SCP-629 showed no reaction.
No reaction in subject.

Female Subject, Semitic
SCP-629 energy level increased 6% in sonic spectrum.
No reaction in subject.

Female Subject, Caucasian
SCP-629 energy level increased 7% in sonic spectrum.
No reaction in subject.

Female Subject, Malay
SCP-629 energy level increased 56% in sonic spectrum, 18% in EM spectrum.
Subject experienced slight psychological reaction. No relapse after 2 weeks removal from project.

Female Subject, Chinese
SCP-629 energy level increased 93% in sonic spectrum.
Subject experienced some psychological reaction, consisting of prolonged nightmares and general heightened anxiety until standard termination.

Female Subject, Japanese
SCP-629 energy level increased 77% in sonic spectrum, 67% in EM spectrum.
Subject became obsessed with reaching SCP-629. Terminated prematurely at end of testing.

Male Subject, Nordic
SCP-629 showed no reaction.
No reaction in subject.

Male Subject, Semitic
SCP-629 energy level increased 12% in sonic spectrum, 12% in EM spectrum.
Subject showed signs of continued interested in SCP-629 for some time after experiment. Terminated as scheduled.

Male Subject, Hindu
SCP-629 energy level increased 15% in sonic spectrum, 27% in EM spectrum.
Subject showed no reaction.

Male Subject, Chinese
SCP-629 energy level increased 206% in sonic spectrum, 170% EM spectrum.
Subject profoundly affected, self-terminated in attempt to exit facility.

Male Subject, Korean
SCP-629 energy level increased 300% in sonic spectrum, 500% EM spectrum.
Terminated when subject refused to proceed Security Point 4.

Male Subject, Japanese
SCP-629 energy level increased 100% in sonic spectrum, 600% EM spectrum.
Subject attempted access to SCP-629; was terminated.

Range of effect: Male subjects

  • Korean - 550m
  • Japanese - 500m
  • Chinese - 400m
  • Hindu - 75m
  • Semitic - 25m
  • Nordic - N/A.

Female subjects decreased range of effect 60-80% depending on subject.
This did not directly correlate to race.

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