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Item #: SCP-630

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-630 is to be kept folded neatly inside a standard 1 m x 1 m cardboard box, sealed with duct tape, when not in use. It should be kept, at all times, a minimum of ten (10) meters from any recording equipment, and personnel are requested not to remain within five meters of SCP-630 for more than five minutes at all times.

When in use for testing, SCP-630 should be hung no less than 7.62 m (25 ft) off the floor, so the bottom edge just brushes against the floor, and in a room no less than at least 15.24 m (50 ft) in length, or upon a stage of similar width, allowing for 1.52 m (5 ft) of curtain bunch on either side.

While active, the testing area should be completely sealed for a minimum of three hours, and observed through camera with at least a five-minute delay as its effects can be transferred through live feed. Adequate hydration should be provided for affected individuals to avoid dehydration or exhaustion. All testing of SCP-630 should be recorded through both video and audio feed, and products of SCP-630 are allowed for on-site viewing as recreation with permission of at least a Class 4 security personnel.

Description: SCP-630 appears to be a standard stage curtain, made from a red, flame-retardant material similar to velvet. SCP-630 can be damaged by any means that would destroy a similar curtain, but after being packed away, it reconstructs itself through unknown means. SCP-630 appears for many points and purposes to be quite normal, and was found on a small stage in an abandoned theater in [DATA EXPUNGED].

All individuals who remain within five meters of SCP-630 more than a minute appear to become the center of a small, temporary "alteration" in reality. They exist as if in a musical. During this period, the subject has no recollection or realization of anything unusual happening, but will sing and dance as if in a piece of musical theater. The effect is memetic in nature, and will spread to all who directly observe the subject, and takes between two to five hours to end from initial contact.

While SCP-630 is in effect, music plays, audible to both all affected and all audio recording devices from an unknown source, and individuals often even act as if a certain direction is a 'fourth wall'. This 'fourth wall' often coincides with actual recording devices in the area, or may simply be the direction that creates the most scenic background. Individuals have had their shoes spontaneously turn into tap shoes or ballet slippers during dance numbers, and all objects in range become optimized for entertainment purposes. Even local weather may suddenly coincide with musical numbers if affected personnel are allowed outdoors.

Although SCP-630 initially seemed harmless, several Class D personnel complained of exhaustion, blistered and bruised feet, painful muscle cramps, and dehydration after dealing with SCP-630's effects. Several even fainted, or began to suffer from respiratory ailments and pained throats. While under the influence of SCP-630, individuals are unaware of these problems, but if possible, will still drink water and take periodic rests while others dance and do other numbers if enough area to do so is available.

All observation tapes of SCP-630 are to be converted to DVD form and collected, labeled, and observed.



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