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Item #: SCP-631

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-631 must be contained on Site ██ in a brightly illuminated room and monitored at all times. When entering SCP-631’s containment chamber, all lights are to be shut off except for one (1) spotlight fixated on SCP-631. Personnel entering SCP-631’s containment must wear night-vision goggles or equivalent. No flashlights are permitted.

SCP-631 is an omnivore and must be fed twice a day. SCP-631’s current diet includes carrots, oranges, and raw meat. SCP-631 prefers meat over all other food groups and has attacked D-Class personnel ██ times in the past. In the event of an attack, personnel are urged to vacate the area and shut off all surrounding lights. Due to SCP-631’s exoskeleton, personnel are urged to avoid combating SCP-631 at close quarters.

Any creatures similar to SCP-631 are to be captured and transferred to Site ██. The location of the capture must be documented due to the possibility of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Note: Dr. Kondraki and I have captured a male version of the species. See Addendum 631-2. -Agent S█████

Description: SCP-631 is a flying creature, roughly 59cm tall and 142cm long. SCP-631 has crustacean-like features, but also possesses wings, a venomous stinger, and protruding jaw with multiple rows of teeth. SCP-631 possesses no ability for language other than various hissing sounds. SCP-631 appears to have reproductive organs and lays eggs frequently. Because of this, it is suspected SCP-631 is female and capable of reproduction.

SCP-631 is a nocturnal creature, sleeping during the day and waking at night. Although a nocturnal, SCP-631 is afraid of the dark: it is speculated the darkness of night wakes it into a state of fight-or-flight, hence its aggression during the night. During this time, it will retreat to any light sources nearby and attack anything said light source illuminates. When SCP-631 is cut off from any possible light sources to retreat to, it begins to hiss loudly and jerk around wildly. SCP-631 only feeds in brightly-lit areas; primarily on moths, but SCP-631’s diet also ranges to rats, birds, cats, dogs, and larger mammals ranging up to [REDACTED].

SCP-631 has only been spotted in urban environments, originally spotted in downtown [REDACTED], after multiple reports of overturned garbage, broken windows, ransacked kitchens, violent attacks on brightly lit streets, and unexplained deaths involving the victims covered in strange symmetrical wounds. SCP-631 also appears to be aware of the concept of windows, breaking through windows when attracted to light sources. SCP-631’s reproductive organs suggest that there may be more of SCP-631’s species located in [REDACTED], and possibly areas outside of the country of [REDACTED]. Theoretically, a colony of SCP-631’s species would live in a densely populated area, such as a city or high-density neighborhood. In the case of low-density neighborhoods, SCP-631’s species would have less space to move around in, forcing them to gravitate towards their only light sources.

Addendum 631-1: A sizable colony of SCP-631 has been located in ██████, █████. Mobile Task Force █████-█ is currently attempting to contain the outbreak, sustaining mild casualties. Suspected numbers of SCP-631 theorized to be between ████ and █████. This number is suspected to be growing at a rate of [REDACTED] per day, putting their numbers will between [REDACTED] within six months. Agent S█████ has urged Senator ████ █████ to cut off light sources to residential areas. Blackouts have become mandatory whenever they creatures have been spotted in ██████. The effectiveness of these blackouts are of yet unknown.

Addendum 631-2: A male of SCP-631's species has been secured by Agent S█████ and Dr. Kondraki on █/█/20██. This male has been named SCP-631-2 by Site ██ staff, while SCP-631 has been renamed SCP-631-1. When SCP-631-2 was placed in SCP-631-1's containment room, SCP-631-2 proceeded to mate with SCP-631-1, laying another batch of eggs shortly after. Nearly three months passed, and the eggs were all presumed dead. Under the suspicions of SCP-631's lack of reproductive abilities, samples were taken from SCP-631-2 to confirm its reproductive capabilities. Results showed SCP-631-1 had been properly inseminated.

SCP-631-1 and SCP-631-2 mated once more and the eggs were closely monitored. On closer inspection, the embryos had been dying of malnutrition. While Dr. Z████████ opted to artificially feed the embryo, Dr. Kondraki suggested sending a D-Class test subject into SCP-631's containment room with the lights on shortly after SCP-631-1 laid its third batch of eggs. This was approved by Site ██ personnel and Subject D-257 was sent into SCP-631-1's containment room. SCP-631-1 and SCP-631-2 did not make any attempt to eat Subject D-257. Moments later, SCP-631-1 stung Subject D-257, paralyzing him, shortly before SCP-631-1 crawled onto D-257's back and proceeded to burrow [DATA EXPUNGED]. Once SCP-631-1 sealed up [DATA EXPUNGED], Subject D-257 was no longer paralyzed. Subject D-257 was in a state of shock for the next twenty-four hours, but recovered after a night's sleep in detainment. Subject D-257's X-ray showed the embryos feeding off of D-257's body fat. Subject D-257 was in hysterics, but before Dr. Z████████ could issue Class A Amnesiacs, Subject D-257 appeared to be no longer aware of the embryos, displaying no physical or mental symptoms. Within the next week, D-257 became more withdrawn, requesting to be left alone, preferably by himself. Subject D-257 was escorted to an isolated room and monitored. After eight (8) days elapsed time, Subject D-257 collapses, followed by a series of wings unfolding out of his back. Subject D-257 did not bleed or show any signs of having any remaining blood. A series of legs and claws were next to exit the body, followed by seven (7) infant versions of SCP-631. The offspring attempted to escape the room to no avail. The offspring were neutralized and Subject D-257's body was inspected. Subject D-257's body appeared to be hollowed out, missing all organs and bodily fluids. Subject D-257's body retained less than 5% water (4.2756% with significant figures), becoming very brittle and fragile to touch.

Our research team has concluded SCP-631 must implant its embryos into a larger host in order to provide enough nutrients. When inspecting the eggs, we have found the fluids of SCP-631-2 serving as a natural depressant, "compelling" its host to keep the embryos, hence D-257's calm behavior. Agent S█████ and Dr. Kondraki both theorize that not only are SCP-631 capable of entering buildings through windows, but exiting their hosts through them as well; as if their species had adapted to an urban environment.

As of █/█/20██, there is no cure or therapy for infected personnel other than immediate termination in order to prevent the spread of SCP-631. Due to the rate of reproduction and feeding habits of SCP-631, blackouts are mandatory for all of the following cities: [DATA EXPUNGED].

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