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Image of SCP-632, resembling a common framing nailgun

Item #: SCP-632

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-632 is to be kept in an ordinary safe-deposit box, with the key held by Dr. ██████████. Usage of SCP-632 is restricted, and limited to non-critical construction; medical checkups are also mandatory after significant use (100+ nails). Usage of SCP-632 for critical, temporary repairs is permitted only under extreme circumstances, given the possibility of subsequent structural collapse.

Description: SCP-632 is an unremarkable █████-brand framing nailgun of a type commonly used in building construction. It operates with the use of a standard air compressor, and when loaded with 3.5" framing nails operates as a normal framing nailgun of the same make. However, when the nailgun is left unloaded, it exhibits its most esoteric property - continuing to work as normal, producing nails via an unknown mechanism (theorized to be drawn from materials within the user's body, though this is as-yet unproven). Nails produced by SCP-632 appear to be standard nails of the same sort as originally loaded, and can be removed normally by the original user, but prove impossible to remove by any other person, as well as being remarkably resistant to damage. If the construction to which they are attached is destroyed, however, they rust and dissolve at a dramatically accelerated rate. The same effect is observed upon the death of the user.

SCP-632 was discovered following a series of near-simultaneous building collapses in 19██ in and around ███████, ███████████. All of the homes had been built by the same contractor; investigation discovered that one of the more prolific framers in his company, one ███████ ██████, had been killed in an on-the-job accident shortly before the collapses (on the short order of minutes). Further investigation revealed that the deceased had worked on all of the buildings involved in the incident, and his work tools were confiscated for examination.

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