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Item #: SCP-633

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: There must be a minimum of two (2) male Class D personnel present inside of research unit 19-633 at all times. Personnel trying to exit unit 19-633 in possession of or being possessed by SCP-633 are to be terminated immediately. Level 2 clearance is required to enter unit 19-633 while SCP-633 is dormant; otherwise, no admittance is allowed without direct orders from the O5 level. If the one-way reflective glass pane separating the research unit from its observation room becomes damaged, a site-specific Level 1 lockdown will be initiated, and metal plating will descend over the viewing pane on the inside of the research room so that the glass may be replaced.

Description: SCP-633 has been identified as a symbiotic organism which resembles an unkempt beard, reddish-brown in hue and of substantial volume. While aware of its surroundings, SCP-633 has the initial instinct to seek out an adult male in its range of cognizance: if it finds a suitable host, it will temporarily attach itself to their face and begin releasing an unidentified ███████████ █████ directly into their blood stream to pacify them. It will then occasionally make suggestions of a telepathic nature to its host, usually prompting them to find a reflective surface such as a mirror or window. SCP-633 appears to find this calming, and after an hour of its host contemplating their new facial growth, will detach from its host and become dormant for approximately 2 hours. The organism does not seem to be compatible with females, and sexual orientation has not proven to be a barrier in host selection.

The telepathic commands issued by SCP-633 do not take control of its host, instead making strong suggestions of simple actions or in some cases, emotions. Its most constant suggestion is by all reports to find a reflective surface, although it is not known if the organism requires a human body to merge with to be able to actually see, or if it simply wishes to see itself on the face of a human male. SCP-633 does not become agitated in the presence of females, but if it is without a host for longer than an hour, it begins to [DATA EXPUNGED], usually causing them to become extremely violent and prone to self-injury. It eventually stops after a few minutes, and the mass of hair will simply fall to the ground, inert, remaining in this state for a few more minutes before resuming its hostile actions. Only if a host is present when it "regains consciousness," as observers have noted, will SCP-633 become peaceful once more, resuming its tendency to want to observe itself. As it is impossible to obtain a physical sample of the organism without riling it, many things are still open to conjecture, such as its means of locomotion and whether or not it has any vital organs. Agent ████, who initially observed and secured SCP-633 at great personal risk, has theorized that [DATA EXPUNGED], although no communication has yet been established.

Addendum: Level 2 or higher personnel who are reassigned to SCP-633 should familiarize themselves with Document 633-A.

Document 633-A: On ██/██/████, Agent ████ was called out to ███████, ███████ as part of an investigation into a possible anomalous entity sighting. By ██/██/████ the Agent was successful in tracking down a man who [DATA EXPUNGED]. The Agent was forced to terminate the man when [DATA EXPUNGED], which resulted in SCP-633 attatching itself to ████. After [DATA EXPUNGED], Agent ████ managed to send a distress call to the nearby Site 19, and thanks to Dr. ████████ SCP-633 was safely removed from the Agent's face. All male personnel should be aware that they are at risk of attracting the symbiote's attention, and should avoid entering its containment room unless absolutely necessary. All Level 2 or higher personnel who enter the room while SCP-633 is active will be forced to take 2 months of psychological therapy and evaluations. All personnel below Level 2 entering while the SCP is active will be terminated after they have been removed from containment.

Note: SCP-633 has become somewhat docile in confinement, and we are currently requesting authorization to commence attempting communication with the support of SCP-148 equipment. —Dr. ████████ (PENDING)

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