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SCP-639 (Title blacked out for security purposes)

Item #: SCP-639

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-639 is to be kept in a locked facility to be monitored at all times. Exposure to any vital personnel is discouraged, however it is not prohibited. Any site staff wishing to read SCP-639 may do so provided they log the number of pages completed during each use.

Description: SCP-639 is a small paperback book 760 pages long and slightly worn from use. The pages themselves seem to be average printing paper and the ink is also standard printing variety. The inside cover bears lyrics from David Bowie's "Star Man" written in fine-point black marker, presumably from one of the books' previous owners.

When read, SCP-639 appears to be completely normal, aside from being very well written. However, after prolonged exposure to the text, it becomes apparent that it is exceedingly well written. After reading a few chapters, depending on reading level of personnel,SCP-639 will immediately seem to be increasingly pretentious. After completing half of the book, subjects will report an extreme dissatisfaction with the author of the book, strangely, not the book itself. Most subjects are unable to continue past this point, as they claim to find the author to be simply too arrogant. Any requests for subjects to describe the contents of the book are met with large amounts of resistance, as subjects explain that the text was far too pretentious and they would "rather not think about it".

Upon completing any part of the book, all subjects report an inability to read any other source of text. This includes but is not limited to: Books, Magazines, and Computer Monitors. This effect usually lasts less than three days. However should any subject, either through external pressure or sheer will power, read past the halfway point they find that they are incapable of completing tasks that require a sufficient amount of mental concentration, this includes forming coherent sentences or anything above basic motor functions. The duration of this effect is dependent on how far past halfway is read. No recorded personnel has ever read more than three quarters of the book, the particular subject was [DATA EXPUNGED] for approximately three months, and through physical rehabilitation has returned to his duties with only minor impairment.

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