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Item #: SCP-640

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: At least one volunteer is to remain in proximity of the event SCP-640 at all times. At least one psychologist is to remain on site at all times.
Security level 1-RED is to be maintained at all times in Sector 14. No unauthorized personnel is allowed in proximity of SCP-640 under any circumstances. No unauthorized personnel is allowed to sleep in proximity of event SCP-640 under any circumstances. All personnel on site should observe standard level 1-BLUE security protocol, unless commanded otherwise by their superior.

Description: SCP-640 is a continuous event of immense strategic importance, centered on the location of what is now known as Sector 14. It has been established that it is not generated by any object. Any endeavor to move the event by transporting objects on site or even layers of earth did not cause its area of effect to shift, yet caused changes in experiences generated by SCP-640. The effects of SCP-640 can be described in layman's terms as prophetic dreams concerning series of events leading to a XK class end of the world scenario.

Any volunteers entering the REM phase of sleep in the area of effect of SCP-640 report having the same dream documenting the appearance of figure described as "Satan" (see XK-442a), "the Antichrist" (see XK-443), or any number of other world-destroying entities, and a voice, source unseen, explaining the dream as "recorded for purposes of causality violation" (see Rec 1273/SCP-640). It has been established that events in the dream change in subtle ways. It is theorized that even by knowledge of the dream alone, its outcome can be changed (see Appendix F - Events tied to SCP-640).

Volunteers should be rotated when any signs of distress appear, as the effects of SCP-640 are quite traumatizing. Each dream should be recorded immediately after waking, with as many details as can be remembered. A psychologist should be available to speak with volunteers, as prolonged exposure to SCP-640 has been observed to be harmful to mental health.

Addendum: Although traditional noninvasive methods of REM sleep suppression are met with mixed results, SCP-192 appears to successfully block the effects of SCP-640. Dr. Racetti

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