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Item #: SCP-643

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-643 is currently secured at Sector 25. Due to the prodigious quantity of paperwork that was generated with requests for time with the object for purposes of gazing upon it, and a desire by the upper echelons that the object remain under frequent observation, it has been moved from its previous storage within Storage Locker 043.

SCP-643 is currently held in a 1m-by-1m-by-0.5m locked glass case which is to have a live video feed on it at all times. The room is open for viewing, but at least two (2) guards must be at the door at all times to ensure that no personnel without appropriate clearance attempt to abscond with SCP-643.

Persons wishing access to SCP-643 for study or psychiatric use are permitted to obtain and move SCP-643 upon filing the appropriate documentation as follows. All Employees with a Security clearance of 2 or 3 may submit form 40 for review. Accepted requests will be assigned a set period of time, and a key to the case to retrieve SCP-643.

It is expected that SCP-643 will be returned by the end of the assigned period, failure to do so will result in a firm reprimand; the two (2) guards will accompany SCP-643 wherever it is taken, and it may not be taken out of secure premises without a more extensive guard and other appropriate precautions.

Description: SCP-643 is a large egg, approximately the size of the average human chest. Its shape and form is identical to that of a normal hen's egg except for its greater size. Other than its abnormal size, the most obvious aberration in the subject's structure is the surface of the shell. The egg's shell reflects light irregularly, causing it to have a rainbow pattern over its surface, curving and swirling irregularly.

A precise description of the surface patterns has proven impossible to acquire, as no two reports on its appearance agree except on the fact that the colors seem to shift and swirl over the surface. Photographs of SCP-643 have failed to assist in creating a stable, visual identification of the item as all pictures taken of it show its surface to be completely white, and usually at least partially covered by glare on the photograph, even in low light conditions. All indirect observational methods seem to suffer from similar minor interference.

SCP-643 is also a source of heat. The surface of the egg remains at a mostly stable 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit), but has reached up to temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) when shaken. The egg has proven to survive falls of one and a half (1.5) meters onto a hard surface without suffering damage. It is possible SCP-643 would heat further if exposed to other stresses, but at present the administration has no desire to damage the egg and so further testing of this nature has been discontinued.

The contents of SCP-643 have proven impossible to discern. Either due to its peculiar reflective properties or due to a large quantity of metal or similar dense material content within the egg, all scan methodologies stop either at the shell of the egg or possibly immediately within. Some suggestions have been made that it could be tested if it was a property of the egg or its contents by chipping off a shell fragment, but it is uncertain if such can be collected without compromising the object completely, and rendering questions of that nature moot.

After prolonged study it has been determined that SCP-643 has a minor mental effect. Those spending prolonged periods watching the egg and its color patterns directly find themselves mentally soothed. Those interviewed after their exposure were universally found to have increased good feeling, a temporarily more positive attitude, as well as accompanying feelings of serenity. This effect seems to have no long-range effects, all mental results from exposure ending within a few minutes to an hour depending on the duration of the viewing.

Subjects drawn to watch SCP-643 for prolonged durations of their own accord have tested positive for violent tendencies, drug addiction, and other psychological disorders. A causal relation between prolonged egg viewing and mental disorders has not been proven. It is speculated that those of unstable mental conditions find the soothing effects of viewing more enjoyable than those without such mental difficulties.

Despite this drive to watch SCP-643 none of the subjects seem to have developed an obsession with the egg, and while a few have attempted to steal the egg, their actions have not suggested that they were somehow compelled to do so. The calming effects, having demonstrated no noticeable side effects, have been cleared for psychiatric use.

Addendum 643-1: History of Acquisition
SCP-643 was originally acquired from a village in eastern ██████, in the country of ██████. Foundation agents were investigating rumors of a special stone given to a group of rural villages by one of the village's 'Old Gods.' SCP-643 was found in the center of the village in question on █-██-200█.

According to the locals they had found it in the 'Cave of the Gods' in their 'Holy Mountain' though further details were not forthcoming. Even after extensive efforts to gather information, including more extreme measures used with captured locals, the location of both the mountain and the cave had eluded the team on site, but they did discover that SCP-643 had come into the locals possession about two (2) months prior after what they called 'The Day of the Black Storm.'

The meteorological records from the area do not reflect a significant storm having occurred in the area within weeks the estimated time, but the village and some of the surrounding area showed extensive wind damage as well as numerous lightning strikes, though apparently no locals were harmed during the event.

After the investigation SCP-643 was secured and the villagers were given Class A Amnesiacs. Some team members remained in the area investigating other villages to attempt to discover the location of the mountain, though their efforts have proven fruitless to date.

Addendum 643-2: While in its current state SCP-643 is mostly harmless, and seems to have a measurable benefit in the form of its use in dealing with psychological difficulties, the object is still clearly an egg, and therefore is not to spend prolonged periods unobserved. If the egg appears to be hatching the guards must be immediately notified and they will contact the rest of the personnel involved with Security Procedure 643A (Class 4 or Higher personnel should reference documentation below) to ensure that whatever emerges from the egg is appropriately secured.

Security Procedure 643A: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Note: "Neither 'because it makes a cool doorstop' nor 'a scientific study of the effects of viewing SCP-643 while under the influence of Marijuana' are acceptable reasons to attempt to acquire a time slot with SCP-643. The first is a blatant disregard for the respect all SCP objects should be treated with, and the second is not legal at its current locale, and unlikely to expand our knowledge of the object. So stop asking!" - Dr. Klein

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