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Item #: SCP-644

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-644 is to be kept within a secure locker at Site 19. At this time, no further containment is deemed necessary.

SCP-644 is never to be allowed into contact with open bodies of water.

Description: SCP-644 is a black metal circle, 7 cm in diameter, covered by a similar black metal mesh on one side, and a magnet on the other. The inside metal disc bears an imprint of the words 'The Factory.' The metal appears to be simple steel, and is easily disassembled and destroyed. SCP-644 is identical in appearence to SCP-721. Upon discovery, SCP-644 contained a small piece of tumbled hematite.

SCP-644 was discovered in at an art auction in New York. A local artist had drawn acclaim for amazingly realistic statues of animals and people, seemingly carved from hematite. During the auction, clumsy handling of human statue of a fat woman screaming revealed that the statue was in fact hematite layered over a dead body. The corpse was revealed to be that of a local housewife reported missing over a year ago.

Investigation of the artist's loft revealed a pool filled with what appeared to be liquid hematite. A thin layer of solid hematite lay across the top of said pool. SCP-644 was found at the bottom of the pool.

SCP-644 has the unusual property of transforming water into a liquid version of any stone placed within it. The stone hardens upon contact with air, which explains how the artist was capable of so easily making statues. Testing has shown no upper limit to the amount of water it may transmute.

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