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SCP-645 at its original location.

Item #: SCP-645

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-645 is to be kept inside a containment cell with dimensions of 4 meters height by .5 meters width by 4 meters length. All personnel near/around SCP-645 are to refrain from behaviors which may be considered untruthful. Those who fail to follow the aforementioned requirements are to refrain from inserting any appendage into SCP-645. SCP-645 may be transported safely by any and all personnel with Level 1 or above clearance, but it is preferable that Class D personnel be used to transport SCP-645 between locations.

Description: SCP-645 is a large disk composed entirely of certain composition of marble. Upon one side of the disk is a carved image of a bearded man or deity. Upon the disk are empty openings where the eyes would be located, as well as where the mouth is placed depicting that it is open. Whilst being able to see through the eyes through to the other side, the mouth opening appears to be dark. There is nothing on the other side to show that the mouth opening goes through. Upon observation, subjects describe the mouth as being warm and moist with saliva.

SCP-645's main characteristic appears that it is able to determine whether or not a subject (asked a question) is falsifying any information that he/she has given. How it does so is unknown, as tests comparing SCP-645 to the accuracy of fMRI lie detectors have shown that SCP-645 is 99.9% accurate, whereas the detectors could only manage that level of accuracy if the subject is in a nervous disposition.

However, SCP-645 is classified under Euclid status for its implement of detection. The subject is to insert his/her hand inside the mouth opening of SCP-645. Should SCP-645 discover that the subject is lying, the image of the face takes on an angered appearance, proceeding to slice and remove the subject's hand cleanly from the subject's arm and ingesting it. The destination of the severed hand is unknown, and tests to insert observational equipment into SCP-645 have proven fruitless, due to SCP-645 severing and damaging such equipment upon insertion.

Additional: The object was retrieved from ████, Italy, after reports of a tourist by the name of ███ ████ describing that his hand was severed by the object after answering a question posed to him by his wife. Agents were quickly dispatched to retrieve the object and the subject, an interview with him described in Document 645a. News reports were promptly erased, as well as witnesses mentally purged of the incident, and the subject detained by agents. A replica of SCP-645 was soon replaced in the object's original position so as to prevent further suspicion.

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