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Item #: SCP-646

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-646 is to be contained in a room of 6m x 8m with standard residential furnishings. The outside walls of the containment room are to have a layer of iron no less than 1cm thick encasing the room. Outside the main door is to be a hallway 2m long, ending in another door constructed entirely from iron.

SCP-646 is to have access to educational materials and entertainment SCP-646 to the approval of Dr. ███████████, currently in charge of SCP-646’s testing and education. Under no circumstances is SCP-646 to be allowed access to communications with anyone other than Dr. ███████████ or personnel assigned to care for SCP-646, especially including internet access.

In light of the events of Incident SCP-646-3, SCP-646 is not permitted to leave the containment area without approval from an O5 level personnel. Escape attempts should be dealt with non-lethally, as SCP-646 has demonstrated no strength or abilities beyond what is expected of a child of its age.

Description: SCP-646 is a Caucasian male youth approximately ██ years of age. SCP-646 appears to be a normal human child, with the differences noted below.

SCP-646 was recovered from the pediatrics ward of █████████ hospital in Glasgow, Scotland on ██/██/████ after its parents brought it in claiming their child had “changed.” Its eyes, facial features, hair, and skin tone were different than the child they had brought home from the hospital. Dr. ███████████, an embedded SCP agent, took control of the case when subsequent tests determined that the child was not only genetically unrelated to the birth parents, but also genetically unrelated to any known ancestry of the species Homo Sapien. The parents were informed that their child passed away in intensive care as the result of a rare and previously undetected genetic defect.

SCP-646 has been in SCP custody for ██ years, and has developed as would a normal human child. Psychologically, SCP-646 has been identified as mildly sociopathic, lacking in empathy for fellow humans, and fond of playing “pranks” on researchers and caretakers. During one incident, SCP-646 [DATA EXPUNGED] a class D personnel assigned to care for him. When questioned about the incident, SCP-646 responded that [he] “just wanted to see what would happen.”

Fortunately, SCP-646 does not seem to have any abilities beyond a human child of its age and build, and is intellectually “slow” with an IQ of approximately 95. Dr. ███████████ has voiced concerns that conventional IQ tests may be inadequate, in light of numerous escape attempts and unconventional testing. See Addendum SCP-646-1. Those with clearance level 3 or higher should see incidents SCP-646-1, SCP-646-2, and SCP-646-3. It is because of these concerns that SCP-646 is classified as “Euclid” rather than “Safe,” and existing containment procedures have been put in place.

SCP-646’s facial features are superficially similar to a normal human child’s, but are consistently described by staff members as “wrong” or “unnerving.” See Addendum SCP-646-2 for test results pertaining to this.

Finally, SCP-646 has been observed to react negatively when exposed to several metallic compounds. Further testing has revealed a severe allergic reaction to pure iron (Element 26, Fe), resulting in a weeks-long rash from even casual contact. The decision to replace conventional bullets with ammunition made from iron was very useful during the encounter with SCP-646-B during Incident SCP-646-3.

Addendum SCP-646-1:

Yearly IQ tests have given a consistent result of 95, +/- 4 points. However, Dr. ███████████, who was in charge of SCP-646’s education from ██/██/████ to ██/██/████ reported cognitive abilities far beyond the expected for the first week of education in any new SCP-646. It is only after SCP-646 realized it was progressing at a faster rate than expected that its rate of learning decreased. Subsequent personnel in charge of SCP-646’s education have not reported similar results, but have agreed with Dr. ███████████’s assessment upon reviewing work done by SCP-646 under Dr. ███████████’s tutelage.

Addendum SCP-646-2:

Photographs of SCP-646 have been compared using facial recognition software. A control group of 10 children of similar age and ethnic background were used to establish a baseline for comparison.

During experimentation, existing facial recognition software would produce a false positive rate of approximately 1 in 10,000 for all members of the control group, indicating extremely similar facial features. A photograph of SCP-646, compared to the entire library of ██████████ photographs, would never produce a false positive.

Only when the tolerances on face-recognition software were adjusted to the point where the control group had a false positive rate of approximately 1 in 100 did the system produce false positives. SCP-646’s face was reported to match exactly 17 photographs.

When similar test procedures were conducted with stock photographs of SCP-646 (taken once per year) it was determined that SCP-646 facial features were increasingly diverging from the human norm as it grows older. The full record of the experiment can be found in the document Experiment SCP-646-2 A.

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