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SCP-647 in containment

Item #: SCP-647

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-647 resides in a relatively small enclosure (3X3 meters) unfurnished. SCP-647 must be observed by at least one level 1 personnel with shift changes every 8 hours. No unauthorized persons are allowed into enclosure.

SCP-647 is to be fed once a week to prevent starvation, dead bodies of D Class personnel from experiments and missions, otherwise small animals or bodies from Dr. Bright’s experiments; SCP-647 demonstrates no strong preference or ill effects from the latter. Feeding is to be supervised by a level 2 staff member for the purpose of reporting any possible changes in behavior.

Description: SCP-647, when unaware of being observed, is a cardboard box about the size of a small TV box. When it is observed, its shape changes to match the size and dimensions to fit whoever is looking at it so that they can fit inside with ease. In the case of multiple people observing it at once, the form changes to match the person who most looks like they need a place to stay and/or is the most scruffy looking.

If it goes too long without eating, the transformation becomes more elaborate, including a blanket and lining of newspaper. Any attempts to get these individual components for studying have resulted in immediate attacks. Further attempts have been put on hold until a way to keep SCP-647 from attacking or knocking it unconscious has been found.

As soon as anyone enters SCP-647, all of the flaps close in on its victim. From there, a slight pressure is applied as digestive juices are secreted inside the box. The juices are not like stomach acid found in a human, but a decaying fluid that slowly weakens its victims from the inside out. From there, the body is █████████ and the bones are expelled from [DATA EXPUNGED]. After everything has been digested and the nutrients absorbed, SCP-647 leaves behind its waste as a puddle of water and motor oil.

Its natural habitat is an urban environment. SCP-647 chooses one spot, usually in the corner of an alleyway, right out of sight from the main streets; it moves by slowly pulling its body along. After feeding two or three times, SCP-647 will relocate, usually during the night.

Any injuries to SCP-647 are fixed, as fiber tendrils grow back into place, and it then scabs over as a duct tape patchwork. When set on fire, SCP-647 lets out a loud, human-like shriek and immediately attacks, all while slowly fixing itself.

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