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A photograph taken within SCP-648

Item #: SCP-648

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-648 cannot be moved, it is contained on-site with at least two (2) armed, undercover guards on duty at all times. Exploration or experimentation within SCP-648 may only be performed with prior permission from at least one (1) level 4 personnel.

Description: SCP-648 is a hidden entrance of the ███████ █████ hedge maze near [DATA EXPUNGED]. Although no official record of this entrance exist, evidence suggests that SCP-648 was incorporated into the hedge maze shortly after its construction.

When subjects enter the maze via SCP-648, they are displaced to an extradimensional space separate from the real maze. So far, several anomalous properties have been observed:

  • The alternate maze blocks all radio transmissions, preventing communication or remote recordings of the inside of SCP-648.
  • The alternate maze within SCP-648 appears to exceed 3 kilometers in size, or over ██ times larger than the maze from the outside.
  • The topography and layout of the alternate maze shifts, as often as once every 3 hours and as seldom as up to 30 days between shifts.
  • All attempts to look over or scale the walls have met with failure. The hedge walls of the maze have either proven too slippery to scale, or [DATA EXPUNGED] those attempting to scale it. So far, attempts to do so have caused the deaths of 1 agent and 2 Class D personnel.
  • A large hostile entity has been encountered by personnel exploring the inside of SCP-648, which resembles a [DATA EXPUNGED] and does not match any creature known to terrestrial science.

SCP-648 came to the Foundation's attention on ██/█/19██ after two young children managed to enter SCP-648 and were attacked by [DATA EXPUNGED].

Attempts to explore SCP-648 are ongoing, as common features of SCP-648 iterations seem to indicate a possible convergence within the maze. Research into possible defenses against the [DATA EXPUNGED] are also underway.

Addendum 648-01:
Excerpt from the debriefing of Agent ███████, █/█/200█:

Dr. █████████: And that's when you were attacked?
Agent ███████: Yes. One of the Class Ds starting bugging out, but I think that just provoked it, and it charged right at us. I've never seen anything like it.
Dr. █████████: What can you tell me about its appearance?
Agent ███████: It was huge, at least a head taller than █████, and he's the tallest one out of the whole Task Force. It was also naked and heavily muscled, but it… I dunno, it looked like it was malnourished, despite being as strong as it was.
Dr. █████████: What did it do when it attacked?
Agent ███████: I'm not exactly sure. I was near the back of the group, which is probably why I survived and most of the others didn't. I just heard D-22354 scream, then this loud roar. It looked like it just lowered its head and ran right at us. It killed the poor bastard by just ramming its horns through his chest. It was awful.
Dr. █████████: What happened after that?
Agent ███████: Well, we opened fire on the thing, but it didn't seem like it really hurt it all that much, just made it angrier. Its hide was too thick for what we had on us.
Dr. █████████: Anything else you can add to the report?
Agent ███████: Well, come to think of it, if I didn't know better, I'd say that it was a [DATA EXPUNGED]. But that thing is suppose to be dead, isn't it?
Dr. █████████: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum 648-02:
On █/██/200█, a breach was reported at the SCP-648 containment station. Upon arrival, agents found that the station had been attacked from the inside. Revised containment procedures are under review, and additional guards are to be posted until further notice.

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