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Photograph of SCP-648 upon discovery

Item #: SCP-648

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be kept in a locked, 4mx4m room containing one (1) chair. Subject is required to be given a physical examination once a month. Subject does not require food or water.

Description: Subject is an elderly man of West Asian descent in a seemingly permanent catatonic state. Subject was discovered in an abandoned hospital in █████████, the only clue to 648's identity was the faded name "Winters" printed on an otherwise illegible chart found in subject's room. SCP-648 remains completely inert until someone enters the room in which it is contained at which time the subject will list a date, time and cause of death. Thus far all of SCP-648's predictions have been correct. Baring incident 14-01 (See attached documentation) subject has not responded to any other outside stimulus. Though subject has yet to present a direct threat personnel have described feelings of unease while in its presence.

Incident Report 14-01 On [date expunged], during a routine physical SCP-648 was reported as saying to the on site physician, Dr. ███████: "January 24th, ████. The Big One". Dr. ███████ told 648 that this prediction contradicted the one the subject usually made upon his entrance. The subject then turned to Dr. ███████ and said: "I'm not talking to you". Subject has since returned to catatonic state and has not responded to any further inquiries. Investigation as been made into any events expected to occur on January 24th ████.

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