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Item #: SCP-649

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-649 (henceforth called Item) is to be kept closed in a plain plastic bin. Item should not be opened unless testing is being performed. Item is not to be moved from storage room ███ in site ██ unless testing is being performed. In case of containment failure, simply activate heating lamps and close item.

Description: Item appears to be a Diamond brand matchbox of standard thirty two (32) count. When opened however, blizzard like conditions fill any room or environs item occupies. Further testing as to where the wind, snow, cold, etc. originate from are being performed. Item was found in a small town in Virginia during a bitter winter (likely caused by SCP-649) by Sgt. ███████ ███████████ while on vacation. The town had been plagued by disappearances of young women, particularly those with miscarriages in the last 6 years, as well as a few men. Sgt. ███████ ███████████ closed SCP-649 and the skies cleared almost instantly. A few people that have been missing have recently returned with little memory of where they had been, but all report their children forgiving them. No use seems apparent at this time. See addendum 649-B

Addendum 649-A: Item left open for approximately one hour and forty-eight minutes (1:48:25). After one hour and forty five minutes exactly, children's laughing could be heard, and a snowball hit Dr. ██████. Silhouettes of small forms could be seen through the fugue, and three D-class personnel vanished into the snow. Item was closed and containment protocol initiated, but all three personnel have vanished. When the tape was replayed, the personnel could be seen led by small figures impossibly through walls that should have been there. Records on the missing personnel indicate all three (one male, two female) had had children who had died before adolescence. All testing with such personnel have been suspended.

Addendum 649-B: Agent ████████ brought up introducing SCP-451 to SCP-649. Approval Pending.

Addendum 649-C: Item introduced to SCP-451 and opened. Item's abilities did not manifest, however, risk of leaving SCP-451 unattended is too great to test without precautions. Testing to see if neutralization works in both ways to be done at a later date.

Addendum 649-D: Please, stop using Item to change weather because you don't want to come in to work. From now on, employees are required to come in to work regardless of weather.

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