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Item #: SCP-653

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The item is to be stored in Weapon Locker #8 on site 17, which is to be locked with a heavy padlock, with two guards staying there at all times and rotating shifts with other pairs.

Personnel who submit a request and receive approval from at least a Security Level 3 may take the item for testing, and are to be accompanied by at least one other member of staff.

Description: SCP-653 appears to be a portable fan of unremarkable composition, with a size of about 7.6cm (3in). It has a basic and simplistic design, and having no extra brand names or odd marks, save for the knob and dial used to control it. Tests indicate that the item is mostly made of standard plastics and nylons, save for a number of metals unknown, including [DATA EXPUNGED] Given the extraordinary abilities of the item in question, it is impossible to raise an accurate age, but judging from appearance, it does not look well worn.

The fan has the ability to create winds that go above and beyond a normal object of its type. Observed wind speeds are of a large range, with the weakest winds being barely detectable and the strongest being of hurricane strength. When pressed, the knob will switch the device on, and the dial controls the strength of the wind.

Surprisingly, the wind will only go forward and not harm whoever is using the device, unless they point it directly at the ground, in which case [DATA EXPUNGED], which will usually leave the subject dead when they finally fall to the ground.

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