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Item #: SCP-655

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-655 is to be kept in a sealed containment facility, any personnel may access SCP-655 as long as a request is placed beforehand and cleared by site administration.

Description: SCP-655 is a large white board, similar to ones used in offices or laboratories. SCP-655 appears to be a normal white board, and can be easily damaged or disassembled; however, any attempt to do so is met with much resistance (see Addendum [655-1])

Should a subject approach SCP-655 with a problem in mind SCP-655 will immediately begin to form a chart organizing the pertinent information of that problem. SCP-655 will then form connections between the information and come up with a solution; however, SCP-655 will also add superfluous comments about the subject; these comments are usually centered around the subject's intellect and are almost always derogatory.

Addendum [655-1]

It seems that SCP-655 may have some form of sentience, as any attempt to disassemble it are met with a disturbing amount of insults and [DATA REDACTED], further testing is not suggested.

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