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SCP-656 in it's Terrarium

Item #: SCP-656

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-656 should be kept in a terrarium 2m long, 2m wide and .5m tall. The room containing SCP-656 should be kept between 26 and 30° C. 10 cm of coarse sand should be placed in the bottom. UV lamps should be placed around its cage to provide it with a sense of day and night. One side of the terrarium should be removable for experimentation.

Feeding of SCP-656 is to be done carefully. Those feeding MUST have masks that can filter pheromones.

Due to the danger SCP-656 poses if released, all experiments on SCP-656 should be carried out within its containing chamber.

Description: SCP-656 appears to be a pair of Androctonus crassicauda (Fattail Scorpion) though it has since been reclassified as Androctonus phoneutria. It is more aggressive than usual scorpions, seeming to go after anything as opposed to just prey. A mark resembling a human skull is found on its abdomen, revealed by collecting a molt. Beyond this, there is no difference aside from its mode of attack and the toxicity of its venom to a normal scorpion.
SCP-656 will, if anything causes a vibration within a 3-meter area, release pheromones (see document 656-001). Those subjected to these pheromones experience a heightened state of fear, culminating in hallucination of their worst fear. SCP-656 will then sting its prey. Analysis of the venom reveals that it is the same as the ██████████ ███████ (█████ ███████) only [DATA EXPUNGED] . Its aggressive tendencies mean that anything it sees that causes any sort of vibration is attacked. This was confirmed due to 656-1-003. Once SCP-656’s venom is within the bloodstream, it causes necrotizing of most tissues. Due to their nature, should SCP-656 produce any offspring, they should be collected.

Addendum: For experiment logs see Document #656-1

Document #656-1: Experiment log

001: One (1) Class D Personnel. Fear: Spiders

Subject D-12753, who is known to have paralyzing arachnophobia, was put into the room with SCP-656. He was then instructed to approach SCP-656’s terrarium.

1450: Subject is 1m from terrarium.

D-12753: What is that smell?

Dr. █████: Nothing, just pro—

D-12753: Oh God! They’re all over me! Get them off!

Dr. █████: What is?

D-12753: Spiders, they’re all over me, I can’t get them off! (Nothing was on D-12753)

Dr. █████: Perhaps you are imagining things.

D-12753 begins clutching chest as SCP-656 approaches him.

D-12753: Help…

At this point D-12753 is curled up into a fetal position.
It appears that at 5 minutes after entering SCP-656’s chamber, the subject is stung by SCP-656, which waits until subject slumps.
Security personnel with pheromone masks enter, remove SCP-656 with forceps and drag body of subject off for autopsy.

001-2 Autopsy of D-12753: Subject appears to have a large amount of necrotic tissue around injection point, and appears to have at some point after died of myocardial infarction.

002: One (1) rat. Fear: possibly snakes. Rat is hooked up with mini camera.

Video feed shows, rat sets off SCP-656's vibration sense within moments. It attempts to run away from the direction it was going, only to turn about in all directions, then lash out in an attempt to fend off whatever has it cornered. Shortly thereafter, it tucks in its limbs. SCP-656 stings it and waits. Personnel watching the monitor jump when SCP-656 nears the camera to drag it off.

003: Corpse of a terminated Class D personnel.

Corpse is tossed into enclosure. SCP-656 immediately stings.

Notice of smell, personnel evacuated from area, filtration turned on.
Further experiments canceled until containment area is sealed better.

Addendum: SCP-656 came to the attention of the Foundation due to reports of many brown recluse related deaths in Israel. As the brown recluse is not found in Israel, a team was sent to investigate. SCP-656 was found in a house where a family was killed. Three agents had been disabled by the pheromones before the air could be effectively filtered and SCP-656 captured. It appeared they were making their nest in the house. A cover-up team explained that [DATA EXPUNGED].

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