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SCP-658, held by Agent ████████████.

Item #: SCP-658

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-658 is to be kept in a high-security precious items locker on Site-██. All experiments or use must be authorized by a level 3 or higher personnel. Anyone attempting to remove SCP-658 from containment without permission is to be reprimanded.

Description: SCP-658 is a polished wooden disciplinary paddle, with the words "Attitude Adjuster" written in large lettering across its side. The item appears to be an ordinary wooden paddle, although in excellent condition. SCP-658 is highly resistant to damage, although not indestructible.

When any human or living sentient creature is struck by SCP-658, a reversal of mood is observed for approximately thirty (30) minutes. To clarify, the 'attitudes' of living subjects are changed to their approximate opposites. Depressed subjects display a cheerful demeanor, and subjects who are excited or ecstatic become markedly bored. This effect seems to extend to living SCPs as well, with varying effectiveness, and may prove useful in controlling virulent SCPs.

Partial Experiment Log 658-a:

Subject: D-Class with marked anger management problems.
Result: D-Class displayed extreme tolerance of attempts to irritate or anger him for the full thirty (30) minutes.

Subject: Timid D-Class with a noted aversion to speaking.
Result: D-Class was outgoing and very talkative for the full time of effect, carrying detailed conversations and even flirting with one female researcher.

Subject: SCP-230
Result: SCP-230 became very depressed for thirty (30) minutes. Subject huddled in a corner, and would not speak during the time of effect.

Subject: SCP-682
Result: SCP-682 became unusually nonviolent, and even affectionate, for approximately twenty (20) seconds, after which it entered a rage, and killed several attending personnel. Subsequent attempts had no effect.

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