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Item #: SCP-659

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As object is usually inert, the only necessary containment is that it remain locked in an unfurnished room with floor space 2 m x 2 m. The door is to be secured with an electronic lock, to which there will be exactly one (1) key card produced. The key card is to remain in possession of Dr Bright at all times unless permission for SCP experimenting is granted, and must be returned promptly when the experiment is complete.

Description: SCP-659 appears as a genderless, headless humanoid, 1.5 m tall. Subject is nonliving and remains motionless until a physical music medium (i.e. a vinyl record, cassette, or compact disc) contacts its outer shell. The medium is then absorbed into SCP-659, and a series of numbers appears on its skin. Touching one of the numbers will cause SCP-659 to perform a series of apparently random actions, after which the medium will be ejected. Subject will then resume its inert state.

Addendum 659-1: Preliminary testing has confirmed that the numbers that appear equate to the medium's "track numbers". This has been tested with cassettes as well as compact discs.

See Experiment Log 659-11.

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