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A photograph of SCP-664 just before the “Event Horizon” at the southern side of the building.

Item #: SCP-664

Object Class: Euclid (Keter pending)

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its location and nature, this SCP cannot be moved. Each entrance to SCP-664 is to be sealed using a steel reinforced door kept shut by no less than three (3) industrial strength padlocks spaced evenly down the door, and guarded by two (2) armed personnel. Any unauthorized personnel attempting to gain access are to be terminated immediately. The guards must be informed of any research to be carried out.

Any audio recordings taken within SCP-664 (referred to as SCP-664-1, SCP-664-2, etc.) are to be labeled with the date and time they were taken and placed on a standard storage shelf within a 10m cubic steel room located at Site ██. Two (2) guards are to be stationed outside of this room. No personnel are to be allowed access to these recordings, unless as part of approved research. If any personnel become exposed to these recordings, they are to be quarantined and placed under observation with periodic psychological examinations.

Description: SCP-664 is the third floor of ███████ High School, built in 19██ and located in ███████████, Pennsylvania. The third floor was closed in 19██, due to budget constraints and low student enrollment. SCP-664 was brought to the Foundation’s attention when several students went missing on █████ ██, 19██. A complete sweep of the building did not locate the missing students, and the staff members assigned to search the third floor (where one of the doors was found to be forced open) were also unaccounted for. Local law enforcement was called in and several officers failed to return from their investigation, at which point the Foundation was contacted. Shortly after first contact with SCP-664, a new school was created, using Foundation resources, for those currently using the building, and the Foundation took control of the structure. Personnel have used [DATA EXPUNGED] as a cover story, and it has been effective in preventing security breaches. Subsequent inquiry into the history of the building and the floor itself show no unusual activity during the years SCP-664 was open and used for its original purpose. No information is available as to when it began to manifest the properties it currently exhibits.

SCP-664 only seems to affect biological organisms, and only if they venture further than 2 meters (termed the “Event Horizon”) from any entrance (doors leading from the stairwells, windows, etc.). All biological organisms passing the event horizon are seen to “disappear” by observers not crossing it. Unmanned probes have not been affected and have been used to confirm that SCP-664 uses the same floor plan as the rest of the building. Individuals who have been retrieved after crossing through the event horizon (through the use of security cables) have come out in a state of panic, screaming about [DATA EXPUNGED] and then falling into a coma. To date, no subjects not anchored to a point outside the event horizon have been recovered, and no recovered individuals have awoken.

A secondary anomaly has been observed. Once mechanical devices reach the event horizon, all video recording equipment ceases sending a signal, any recorded video retrieved is corrupted, and photographs fail to develop, although audio continues to record as normal. Individuals who have a history of [DATA EXPUNGED] have described these recordings as [DATA EXPUNGED] and refuse to enter any building when not accompanied by two or more people, reacting with extreme violence when forced to do so, even to the point of self termination. Individuals not fitting the above description report hearing only the normal sounds of the probe moving about the floor.

Addendum [SCP-664c]: All attempts at destroying SCP-664 have been halted. Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see Addendum SCP-664a-b.

Addendum [SCP-664a]: On █████ ██, 20██, approval was given by O5-██ to attempt destruction of SCP-664 using [DATA EXPUNGED]. Before the attempt could be carried out, observers claim they saw all individuals within ██ meters (an area including all personnel directly involved in the destruction attempt) “vanish completely.”

Addendum [SCP-664b]: A second attempt at destroying SCP-664 was scheduled on ███ ██, 20██. This time the entire building was slated for destruction. As before, all individuals directly involved in the attempt were seen to vanish completely.

Note SCP-664a: “It has been suggested that SCP-664 is in some way sentient, being able to extend its event horizon to envelope those who pose a threat to it. With the approval of O5-██, all destruction attempts have been halted, and a request for upgrade to Keter class status has been submitted.” – Dr. Cooper

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