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Item #: SCP-666

Object Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-666 is a Keter level Object. SCP-666 must be kept in a 50 by 50 cell made out of 5Cr-Mo-V steel alloy. The SCP-666 containment area will be kept at negative air unless maintenance is being made on the item.


Description: SCP-666 at first sight seems to be little more than a 8 by 10 black door with a gold Victorian handle. It was found in the Jewish concentration camp Auschwitz in Poland in 1947 at about 3:00am. The door was originally the entrance to an Nazi Officers quarters. It was when a soldier tried to open the door, the individual would start to show seizure like symptoms. It took three men to pry the soldiers hand off the handle and later restrain the man from trying to kill himself. After hearing of the door our agency transported it to Site 19 and began to run tests. Subjects did not feel any type of pain or mental instability until the time came to around 3:00 am, when the one subject touched the door and the same symptoms occurred. The subject, after being freed from the door handle committed suicide by digging the hand that touched the door handle into his chest and ripping his own heart out. The other subjects in the room (4 counting suicide) then noted that they began to hear noises coming from the door and saw a red liquid (with testing proved to have the same genetic structure of human blood) pour from the sides and keyhole of the door. Cameras planted inside the cell began to experience static interference and did not record any of the occurrence. All subjects were later detained and quarantined, subjects were later found dead with lacerations all over there bodies, suggested to be self inflicted. No other tests have been done on SCP-666 but around 3:00am the cameras in the cell turn off and in the morning, 3 to 4 inches of the red liquid covers the floor of the cell. On June 6th, 2006, along with the liquid being found in the cell, a small child was also found in the cell. tests showed that male child was homo-sapien and has been named SCP-667.

Description of SCP-667: a small Caucasian boy with blue eyes and black hair and a strange birthmark on the back of the neck. found on June 6th, 2006 in the cell of SCP-666, no conclusion on how it got there. has been held in Site 19 for almost two years, will have a thorough report on SCP-667 on a later date.

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